United Kingdom weather outlook

Monthly weather forecast for the United Kingdom.

The start of gave us the impression that the UK is experiencing a long, cold winter. Temperatures were around 2 and a half Celsius below the long-term normal. Heavy snowfalls affected northern and central areas and led to real travel chaos. Some airports even canceled flights due to the weather conditions. And during the previous week, showers took control over the . However, despite such rainy weather, daily temperatures were reaching the low double digits. So, we are wondering, what does the second half of 2023 prepare for us? Will it get warmer soon or overnight frost could come back as no surprise? Let's take a closer look at the weather.

BBC weather alerts: of is still possible.

Please be prepared and take care of yourself.

Monday, the twelfth of March – Sunday, the twenty-sixth of March.

During the upcoming week, unsettled weather is expected. According to BBC weather, starting from Monday showers should spread across England and Wales. Rainy conditions could stay till the end of the week, bringing the risk of thunderstorms and occasionally strong winds. Until Friday temperatures are going to be slightly above the long-term normal, but on the weekends the weather could turn chillier. Wintry showers are possible over high ground, especially in the northern areas.

Monday, the twenty-seventh of March – Friday, the thirty-first of March.

During the last week of , rather unsettled weather is expected. A mixture of showers, some of them – heavy, and short-term sunny spells will broadly be the picture. Temperatures should stay slightly above average in the southern parts, while in northern Scotland it could get chillier. Occasional incursions of colder air from the north could even cause some wintry showers.

Please bear in mind that such a long-range just provides an indication, of how the weather might change, or be different from normal in March. To avoid any problems, make sure to stay up to date with the forecasts. And do not forget to check the weather warnings. More videos are on the way, including weekly forecasts. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated on the UK .

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