United Kingdom weather in April

United Kingdom weather in April

Hello and welcome to the monthly for the United Kingdom.

is known for its changeable weather. For example, the first days of the month could bring us hard overnight frost and , while the ending is usually sunny and dry. The temperatures in the United Kingdom in are still quite cold, so a warm coat is a must. It's too early to dig out your summer outfit. Raincoat and umbrella can also help you out because the comes as no surprise.

However, 2022 was drier than usual, mostly because of the high pressure, which dominated for much of the time. As a result, calm and settled weather, especially in the southern areas. Despite that, some northern parts of the UK came close to the long-term average figures for rainfall. So, what does April 2023 prepare for us?

In order to predict the UK monthly weather, let's take a look at average temperatures and the level of precipitation.

April temperatures average a daily high of 12 Celsius and a low of 4 Celsius. Speaking about the warmest parts of the UK, we should mention not just southern cities, such as Southampton with the highest number of around 15 Celsius, but also Hull, Cardiff, London, Liverpool, and Manchester where the temperature reaches 14 Celsius in April. The coldest conditions are usually in northern Scotland.

The highest risk of showers remains in Northern Ireland and Scotland: at least seven rainy days in April. The average monthly precipitation varies here between 60 mm to 82 mm. Milder conditions are expected in England in Wales: 25-26 dry days during the whole month. As a result, the average monthly precipitation is much lower: between 44 mm to 50 mm. The United Kingdom as a whole has an average of 155-160 sunshine hours in April, meaning around 5 sunshine hours per day.

We would like to admit that it is too early to predict the UK weather in April 2023. Thus, our monthly forecast just provides an indication of how the weather might change, or be different from normal. In order to avoid any troubles, it is better to stay up to date with the forecasts. And do not forget to check the weather warnings. More videos are on the way, including weekly forecasts. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated on the UK .

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