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Los Angeles flash flood warning : Record Rainfall Sparks Flood Alerts Across California

Los Angeles flash flood warning

🌊 Los Angeles, along with much of California, is facing an unprecedented weather event with record rainfall prompting flood alerts across the region.
Heavy rainfall continues to saturate California, triggering widespread flood alerts affecting nearly the entire state. Los Angeles, in particular, is on the brink of experiencing its wettest February ever recorded if current weather patterns persist.

Twin Tornadoes Ravage Limassol, Cyprus: 50 Homes Damaged, 5 Destroyed


On February 14, 2024, two tornadoes struck Limassol, Cyprus, wreaking havoc across the city and particularly devastating the Germasoyeia suburb. The storms tore roofs off houses, toppled a building crane, and caused extensive infrastructural damage. Local officials describe the damage as massive and unprecedented, with emergency services and maintenance crews working tirelessly to address the aftermath.