Глеб Перов

Более 10 лет главный редактор и идеолог сервиса прогноза погоды Погодник. Соавтор научных статей и специализированного контента для различных интернет-СМИ.


Coronapsychosis is a new threat

Coronapsychosis – The mental state of people worsens every day. To a greater extent, this is affected by a disturbing information background than real problems.

карта коронавирус COVID19

Coronavirus map

The online service was created by experts at the CSSE Research Center, which operates at Johns Hopkins University of America.

Погодник Бот для телеграм

Weather notifications from the Weather Bot in Telegram

Weather Bot in Telegram. Pogodnik.com launched the Telegram Bot. It sends out daily weather notifications, warns of sudden changes in weather conditions and has a number of interesting options.


Weather for a month from Pogodnik

What will the weather be like in the coming month? The forecast helps people adjust their plans, pick the right clothes and shoes. Pogodnik.com using the ECMWF model, which is the most accurate.