yellow warning

A Yellow Warning is a weather warning issued by meteorological agencies to alert the public about potentially hazardous weather conditions that are expected to occur within a specific time frame. The color yellow is often used to indicate that the weather conditions could cause some disruption or inconvenience, but the impact is not as severe as a more serious warning, such as an Orange or Red Warning.

Twin Tornadoes Ravage Limassol, Cyprus: 50 Homes Damaged, 5 Destroyed


On February 14, 2024, two tornadoes struck Limassol, Cyprus, wreaking havoc across the city and particularly devastating the Germasoyeia suburb. The storms tore roofs off houses, toppled a building crane, and caused extensive infrastructural damage. Local officials describe the damage as massive and unprecedented, with emergency services and maintenance crews working tirelessly to address the aftermath.

Winter Storm Kayden Threatens Northeast US and Nova Scotia

Storm Kayden

As winter approaches, a major weather event is on the horizon: Winter Storm Kayden. Meteorologist Marko Korosec warns that this powerful storm is set to bring deep snow and blizzards to the Northeast U.S. and Nova Scotia, Canada, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Storm Ingunn Ravages Coastal Norway

Storm Ingunn

The most powerful storm for 30 years has battered large parts of Central and Northern Norway, affecting power, transport links, and other infrastructure.