pike in June 2024

Fisherman's calendar, biting in June 2024

Fishing in June: advice from an experienced fisherman

Not everyone enjoys fishing, but experienced fishermen know that it can be generous. Hot weather, blooming water bodies and an abundance of insects – all this complicates the task, but does not make it impossible.

What secrets does June fishing hide?

1. Predator: Pike, pike perch, perch, catfish – Here are the main trophies of . Morning and evening dawn – their time. Pike hides in the grass, while pike perch prefers open water.

2. Peaceful fish do not sleep: Crucian carp, bream, tench, roach, carp – You will also be pleased with the catch. Look for them near underwater plants where they eat and hide. Bream loves depths with clay, and burbot – snags and steep banks.

3. Lunar calendar – a helper, not a ruler: Full – This is not the time for a bite. Waxing and waning – favorites. But don't forget about the weather, insect activity and other factors.

4. Study the body of water: Where is the depth, where are the thickets, where is the current? Ask locals for advice. Information – the key to success!

5. Weather – capricious lady: Heat – the bite is weak. Cloudy – the fish is more active. Summer – like a breath of fresh air. Follow the forecast, for example, in the Weather bot in Telegram 🤖   https://pogodnik.com/telegram-bot-pogodnik

6. Insects – competitors: Their abundance reduces the bite. Choose places with fewer insects.

7. Tackle: Light spinning rods, float rods, feeder. Lures: bait (worm, maggot), artificial bait. Experiment, choose the best option.

fishing – This is a challenge, but also an opportunity to get a trophy. Follow the advice of an experienced fisherman, and luck will definitely smile on you! No tail, no scales!

Favorable / unfavorable days for fishing in June 2024. Forecast of the best fishing days in June 2024 (taking into account the moon and pressure):

👍 Great bite 👌 Good bite 👎 The bite is bad
June 9 June 10-11 June 4
June 26 June 25 June 1-3
June 29

During the new and full moon, the fish bite weakens, but during the waxing and waning moon, on the contrary, it intensifies. The best bite at high or stable pressure. Pressure drop: poor bite.

Features of catching predatory fish in June.

Fish Description Where to look When is the best time to bite What to catch Bait
Perch Capricious, loves fresh water. Small individuals are near the shore, large ones are between the islands and edges. All day. Float fishing rod, spinning rod, bottom tackle. Worm, leech, pieces of fish, fry.
Pike Pike calm. Looks for cool water and ambushes in thickets. Whirlpools, holes, depth differences. 5-9 am. Spinning. Spinner, spinner, jig, wobbler, popper.
Pike perch Active since mid-June. Hunts near the shore and in shallow water. Bed, edges. Evening twilight, night. Spinning. Narrow-bodied wobblers, spinners, silicone.
Catfish Nocturnal predator. Looking for coolness under the snags. Depths, holes. After sunset. Spinning, bottom tackle. Frog, liver, crayfish meat, poultry.
Bubot Cold-loving, but can be caught. Pits, holes, under stones. Evening-morning. Bottom tackle. Ruff, gudgeon, worm, frog, larvae.

How to catch white fish in June?

Fish Description Where to look When is the best time to bite What to catch Bait
Crucian carp Active after spawning. Shallow water, overgrown areas. Dawn - 10 am, before the . Float fishing rod, bottom tackle. Barley, millet, bread, dough, worm, maggot, bloodworm.
Roach Capricious, well-fed. Areas rich in food. Dawn, evening. Float rod. Maggot, bloodworm, pearl barley, wheat, dough, rolled oats, caterpillar, worm.
Bream Prefers warm bodies of water. Small areas turning into pits. Morning, evening. Float rod. Dough, maggot, worm, bread, anise, dill.
Silver bream Loves sandy bottom and calm currents. Steep banks, underwater springs. Dawn, evening, after . Bottom tackle, float rod. Barley, bread, semolina, maggot, ant eggs.
Lin Caution, suspicious. Flooded plants, holes, reeds. Morning, evening. Float rod. Worm, maggot, bloodworm, barley/wheat grain.
Carp Effective fishing in warm but cloudy weather. Reed thickets, streams, holes, snags. Morning, evening, after . Carp tackle. Worms, maggots, wheat, peas, corn.
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