December: Fishing Forecast by Moon

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Fishing forecast by the moon in December: when to go fishing and what catches can be expected?

December is not a reason to give up on your favorite hobby and throw spinning rods in the closet. Firstly, most of the rivers and lakes of Ukraine won’t be covered with ice until January. And secondly, the lower temperatures do not scare away fish. On the contrary: the active fish begin to hunt just at this time. So – the chances to catch it are much more. The main thing is to prepare yourself morally for the discomfort (winter fishing is very different from summer) and correctly pick the date of biting.

Fishing in early winter: what’s catching in early December?


Even if the forecasts promise good weather, you should not ignore a warm jacket and gloves when going fishing. As for the catch, in December, active fish are still trying to get fat for the winter, and therefore begins to hunt more intensively.

For a fisherman, it’s a chance to catch:

✔ A pike. This fish senses the approach of frost, and therefore – eats everything in its path. You can catch it with almost any bait.

✔ Zander. At the beginning of winter zander try to be in places of concentration of small fish – to always have access to prey. It is better to catch it with bait of medium size.

✔ Burbot. For the burbot cold water is the ideal habitat. It goes even better with the onset of darkness. In early December burbot begins active preparation for spawning and accumulates fat. It is possible to catch it at this time on any live bait or meat of different fish.

All of these fish are caught in open water, from the shore. The greatest likelihood of catching a winter trophy will be when fishing in the transition areas of small rivers to larger ones, bays, harbors, waterbars. So far the weather forecasters don’t report a hard frost. But the weather in Ukraine is not predictable. You can expect anything from it. Including ice.

You can hunt on the first ice:


✔ Ribbon. In winter time it is better to catch it on the oparisk or moth. The maximum yield of roach is observed on cloudy days.

✔ Bream. In December the bream appetite decreases. He becomes less active and it is difficult to catch him. To get such a fish trophy, it is best to use a mormyshka.

✔ Gustera. Gustera is found in great depths. It is best to catch it at night or in the morning. As a bait, you can use a moth in the form of larvae.

The most important thing when fishing from the ice – safety precautions and go hunting only if the pond is covered with a thick enough ice crust.

Fisherman’s Lunar Calendar for December


Plan your fishing trips with not only the general weather, but also the lunar calendar in mind:

👍🏻 Great days: December 7, 12, 13, 14, 24, 25, 26;

👌🏻 Good days: December 8, 9, 10, 11, 19, 23;

👎🏻 Weak days: December 6, 15, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29;

👎🏻 Bad days: December 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, 20, 30, 31.

The moon affects fish activity as much as the weather…

How do the phases of the moon affect fish?

Fish, of course, are not interested in astronomy. But this does not prevent them from existing according to their basic instincts and following the laws of gravitational fields. The idea behind lunar predictions is that the greater the tide, the more active the fish are. Which means that its maximum activity is observed twice a month:

🌚 New Moon (04.12.21);

🌕 Full Moon (19.12.21).

The fishing starts to grow already in the first quarter of the moon phase. At this time, you can safely go for the prey.

What else affects the biting in December?


Fish biting depends not only on the phase of the moon. The weather also has a great influence on the activity of aquatic life. For example, the activity of fish increases precipitation. This is explained by the fact that because of their appearance in the pond flows a large amount of organic matter. Also of great importance is the air temperature. In the absence of frosts, you can catch fish in less deep places. And with heavy frosts, it’s better to look for prey at depths. Another important factor is the atmospheric pressure. Its sudden jump reduces the activity of pond dwellers. To restore it, the fish needs at least a day. So if the forecast for today is high atmospheric pressure, then go fishing at least the day after tomorrow (of course, provided the normal pressure).

Fishing in early winter is a great opportunity to catch a good catch without getting too cold. The air temperature in Ukraine still allows fishing from the shore or water in more or less comfortable conditions. And the current activity of fish indicates a good chance for a good catch!

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