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Fishing in January 2024.


is a rather difficult time for anglers. The second winter month rarely spoils with stable weather, which directly affects the activity of fish. We can expect frost, snowfalls and sharp gusts of cold . On many small reservoirs begins deaf winter. But this does not mean that you need to sit at home. Fish can stop pecking actively, but with the right preparation and mood the catch will be quite decent. The main thing is to determine in advance where to look for fish. Here weather conditions play into your hands, because thick ice opens up a wide choice of places. Active fish can be found on reservoirs with running water. In , you can catch pike, perch, zander, sometimes crucian carp, roach and burbot. The fisherman gets the opportunity to try new tackle and fishing methods. And, of course, it is useful to look at the fisherman's calendar to find out how things are with the pecking in 2024.

Fisherman's calendar for January 2024 is a useful advisor for those who are eager for successful winter fishing. Oxygen deprivation makes fish less mobile and apathetic, which is important to consider when choosing a fishing spot. Flowing waters remain active areas where fish do not lose their appetite. Weather also contributes: sudden temperature changes, strong north winds or a drop in pressure can reduce fish activity. But a quiet, windless day or a thaw after a frost is a great time. The angler's calendar takes these factors into account, providing valuable advice based on observations and the experience of previous generations. It will be your trusted guide in the world of winter fishing, maximizing your chances of a successful catch.

Fishing in January: fishing peculiarities.


  • Fish become passive due to lack of oxygen, which makes the choice of fishing spot extremely important. Clean areas with a minimum of algae are a priority.
  • Areas with natural food, inshore areas, and depth differences are also good places for January fishing.
  • During the period of heavy precipitation do not expect a rich catch.
  • Perch, roach and burbot are the main targets of fishermen this month.
  • Thin tackle is widely popular, because the fish will be bolder to take the bait.
  • A good time for fishing – quiet, windless days, with frost up to 10 degrees.

January is the height of the real winter. Water bodies are covered with ice, frost increases, and can suddenly fall in large quantities. However, even in such harsh conditions, experienced fishermen know how to return home with a good catch. They are not afraid of winter difficulties. And those who follow the weather, the Weather Bot in Telegram will help. This reliable service will help to choose the right clothes for winter fishing.

Lunar phases for fisherman in January 2024.

phase name
Period of activity
🌒 Waxing .
Long period from January 12th to January 24th
🌕 Full
January 25, 2024 (at 19:54 Kiev time)
🌘 Waning Moon
First the period from January 1 to January 10, and then January 26-31
🌑 New Moon
11.01.24 (at 13:57 Kiev time)
🌑 Lunar Eclipse
not expected
🌕 Solar eclipse
not expected

Favorable / unfavorable days for fishing in January 2024.

Biting forecast
👍 Excellent bite
January 2-4, 16-19
👌 Good bite
January 1, 5-6, 14-15, 20, 29-31
👎 Poor bite
January 7-8, 13, 21-22, 27-28
👎 No bite at all
January 9-12, 23-26

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