Fishing in February: peculiarities of biting, fishermen’s tips and biting forecast according to the lunar calendar

Fishing forecast

February: Fishing forecast by the lunar calendar | tips, omens

February fishing is not like any other. It’s all about the changeable weather and low fish activity. But if you’re smart about fishing, then you can count on a good bite. True, not in all reservoirs and not every day…

Lunar Fishing Forecast for February

One of the main factors affecting the biting is the position of the moon. From the lunar phase depends on air pressure, and weather patterns, and water levels. According to these factors are determined by the days that will be most favorable for biting.

In February the Moon will be in the following phases:

🌑 New Moon: February 1;
🌔 Waxing Moon: February 2-15;
🌕 Full Moon: February 16;
🌖 Waning Moon: February 17 to 28.
February will pass without lunar eclipses.

What does the Moon advise for fishermen?

The Moon recommends all fans of fishing and good biting to go to a body of water 👍🏻 from February 6 to 8 and from February 24 to 26. These days are expected to see increased fish activity, and with it, a high probability of biting.

Slightly 👌🏻 less chance of a big catch passes on:

Feb. 3-5;
9-11 Feb;
Feb. 21-23;
Feb. 27-28.
Nevertheless, these days are also good enough for fishing.

Weak biting Moon promises us for the first two days of February, as well as for the periods 👎🏻 from 12 to 14 and 18 to 20. A little bit of biting is possible. But it’s unlikely to return home with a good catch. But these days will be good for those who fish not for the catch, but for a rest.

But from February 15 to 17 it is better not to go fishing at all. On those days there won’t be even a slight bite. During the whole fishing evening the float may never go under the water.

What are folk omens promise?

Those who do not trust the celestial luminary, can turn for help in preparing for fishing to folk omens based on the weather. Here are the most famous of them:

On the eve of fishing the night before the frost will hit – there will be no biting;
Conservation of small frosts for several days – to pikeperch;
Thawing started – expect good biting;
Last days passed without precipitation – you can go home with a big catch;
Constant changes in air temperature, atmospheric pressure, precipitation – the fish won’t bite.
Omen are very subjective and not precisely proven. But exclude them when preparing for fishing is not worth it.

Peculiarities of February fishing

If you plan to go to a body of water for carp, eel or crucian carp – then it is better to immediately put down your gear. In February, these fish are still hiding in the silt, practically do not feed and do not go even to medium depths. So it is almost unreal to catch them. The same cannot be said about predators. Pike, perch, pike-perch are beginning to be a little active. Their activity will be restored completely by the end of the month. But in the middle, and even in early February you can catch them.

In the last month of winter, it is better to catch fish in reservoirs with a current. Even a small current will be better than a completely closed water area. The most successful places for fishing in February are ducts, river mouths, places where streams flow into rivers.

Tips for catching fish in February

Before fishing in February, be sure to check the body of water for freezing. To do this once casting a fishing rod is enough. If the bait quickly faded and the line darkened – then the water is frozen. That means – the fish is in a torpor and the result of the fishing process will be zero.

If the frost is not observed, you can prepare the bait, depending on the expected catch:

Perch – on moths and mormyshka. This striped predator lives at a depth of 1-1.5 meters.
Zander – on a bouncer. It is possible to catch pike at a depth of 1.5 meters.
Pike – on winter trollers, live bait. The main river predator lives in deep holes. It is best caught from mid-February, when the period of strong bait begins.
The roach takes moths. Fish is best caught on sunny and calm days. You can feed it with special bait or food moth.
Since mid-February burbot bites well. You can catch it on fish pieces or medium fry.

Fish can be caught both from the shore and from the ice. In the second case you should be very careful, because due to the gradual increase in air temperature the ice begins to thaw. If you are not sure of its strength – it is better to leave the idea of fishing c hole for the next time. Also do not forget about the warm clothing. The February sun is very deceptive. Before you go fishing, it’s better to check the weather forecast for your area and get insulated!

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