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UK Weekend Weather Update: Scattered Showers and Possible Thunderstorms

Welcome to the for the upcoming weekend.

This week an Atlantic frontal system was strongly pushing across the UK. According to BBC weather, scattered showers will continue at least till the end of this week. The heaviest of them could even bring the risk of thunderstorms.

BBC weather alerts: of is possible this weekend. In order to avoid any troubles, it is better to stay up to date with the forecasts.

Despite such rainy weather, daily temperatures could increase to the mid-teens Celsius, especially in eastern and central parts of England. Much colder conditions are expected in northern Scotland. So, let's take a closer look at the weekend weather in different cities.

As always, starting from the Scotland weather. In Aberdeen , the temperature is expected to drop from 12 Celsius to 9 Celsius on weekends. Mainly due to the rainy Saturday.

Showers across Edinburgh , some of them heavy, will stop only by Sunday. As a result, daily temperatures will slightly decrease.

People of Glasgow will also see on Friday and Saturday. It looks like a good idea to bring along your umbrella on these days.

Changeable conditions are expected in Newcastle . Sunny weather turning into rainy on weekends. Daily temperatures will significantly drop from 14 degrees to 8 degrees.

Let's check the Northern Ireland weather. Showers will definitely affect Belfast . Be prepared for cloudy and rainy weekends.

Hull was warned about the risk of thunderstorms with rain on Saturday. Please be careful when traveling.

We are moving to North West England. The daily temperature stays at the low double digits in Liverpool , despite some heavy showers on Friday and Saturday.

Three rainy days in Manchester . Better take an umbrella if you are heading outside from the seventeenth to the nineteenth of .

Rainy weather will take control in Norwich . However, the temperature should stay higher than average. Dry, but cloudy on Sunday.

A mixture of sunshine and showers will generally be the picture at the end of this week in Birmingham . Daily temperatures slightly dropping to 12 Celsius.

Rainy and partly sunny weather in Oxford . Daily temperatures should stay on a high level compared to recently: between 13 to 15 degrees.

Rain won't stop in London till Sunday, though there may be some clear skies. The three-day is promising daily temperatures around 13 Celsius on weekends.

What about the Wales weather? People of Cardiff will see showers on the seventeenth and the eighteenth of . It should get drier and clearer by Sunday.

Many places in southern England are staying rainy. For example, spells of rain will leave Southampton only on Sunday. However, the weather should remain cloudy and unpredictable.

Rainy conditions in Plymouth will be changed by some sunny spells. You'll want to wrap up warmly if you're heading outside, despite stable 12 Celsius on mid-day.

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