Tornado in UK

Tornado rips off roof in Littlehampton & Storm Ciarán: 80mph Winds and Heavy Rain

Over the weekend, a struck Littlehampton in West Sussex, damaging properties and vehicles.

A has blown a roof off a house in West Sussex.

Poor weather conditions in Littlehampton and Wick on Saturday night have been categorised a T4 by the Tornado and Research Organisation.

Strong winds brought by the tornado blew the roof off the home and on to the other side of the street, as well as damaging street and garden furniture.

One person living in the damaged home was taken to hospital for shock, but no one has been reported injured.

Introducing Ciarán: UK Braces for 80mph Winds and Heavy

The UK is on alert as Ciarán is set to bring strong winds, heavy rainfall, and the potential for flooding to southern England and Wales later this week, according to the Met Office. Following the recent destruction caused by Storms Agnes and Babet, this new storm is named after a civil servant.

Ciarán is expected to unleash powerful winds and intense across southern UK regions on Wednesday night into Thursday. Chris Almond, the Met Office's deputy chief meteorologist, warns of gusts up to 80mph along the south coast, with some exposed areas possibly experiencing 90mph winds. Inland regions may also witness wind gusts of 50 to 60 mph.

The deep low-pressure system accompanying Storm Ciarán will result in heavy across much of the UK. The most significant rainfall is anticipated in southern and western areas, with 20-25mm of rain expected across the region, and potentially 40-60mm over higher terrain. This persistent heavy rain poses a significant risk, especially in areas already grappling with the aftermath of recent heavy rainfall.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings from Sunday until Thursday, urging the public to stay informed about storm developments.

The Storm Ciarán commences at 6 pm on Wednesday and remains in effect throughout Thursday. This warning spans south-east England, the West Country, and South Wales, with specific alerts for flooding and possible disruptions to public transportation.

Tornado in UK
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