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UK Weather

Welcome to the New Year’s weekend uk weather forecast, which takes us to the end of 2022.

According to the current forecasts, at the end of Christmas week, milder air, will be pushed by the jet stream, across the Southern part of the United Kingdom. For example, in Plymouth, and Southampton daily temperatures will surprisingly rise above ten Celsius. However, further North, colder air is pushing in. As a result, it will be colder, especially in Scotland. Temperatures ranging from highs of five Celsius to eight Celsius in Aberdeen and Glasgow, without overnight frost. And also a little bit drier in the Northern part of the United Kingdom. Because that jet stream is gonna be taking in low-pressure systems, bringing a lot of cloud and rain across the South. But further North – drier weather is expected.

As the BBC weather reported, a similar pattern looks likely to continue, between Christmas and New Year, although uncertainty abounds. Starting from Boxing day, changeable weather is expected all over the United Kingdom. The low-pressure systems will potentially bring wet and windy spells, with brief colder spells. As a result, a mixture of sunshine and wintry showers will broadly be the picture, at the end of the week. Regarding the temperature, it should stay above zero even at night. The last day of twenty-twenty-two is promising a significant temperature increase for London, Cardiff, and some southern cities, up to twelve Celsius. In most parts of the United Kingdom, it should stay between five to eight Celsius. New Year’s weekend weather forecast is promising overcast and heavy showers in Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle. Do not forget to take an umbrella if you are heading outside. But a bright morning on December thirty-first, for most southern cities, with some sunshine.

There is plenty going on during the Christmas period. So, in order to avoid any troubles, make sure to stay up to date with the forecasts. And please, be prepared for anything, especially when you are hitting the roads: a risk of icy stretches continues to remain. More videos are on the way, make sure to subscribe to stay updated on the United Kingdom weather.

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