UK Weather seven-day weather forecast which takes us up to Christmas

seven-day weather forecast

United Kingdom seven-day weather forecast, which takes us up to Christmas.

For most places, it’s turning milder, as the jet stream is bringing the area of low pressure. According to BBC weather, next week starts with further bands of rain, moving across the United Kingdom. Some of them – heavy. In a few days, after the passage of a cold front, there will be a quick shot of colder air, as winds veer northwesterly. This will bring snow showers to northern Scotland. If you have plans for Christmas week – here is the seven-day forecast: from Monday, the nineteenth of December, to Sunday, the twenty-fifth of December. We`ll take a look at what could happen next week.

Starting from Aberdeen. Rainy week with daily temperatures, dropping from eleven Celsius, to minus two Celsius on Christmas. We’re gonna see snow on Saturday, especially over the highlands.

Gusty winds, coming from south and southwest, are going to bring rainfall to Edinburgh. But, as those rainfalls hit the colder area, there could also be some significant snow over the weekend.

Sleet and a moderate breeze in Glasgow, during the five-day working week. High temperatures will suddenly drop below zero over the weekend.

Seven-day weather forecast is promising overcast and showers in Newcastle. Without sub-zero temperatures at night. Do not forget to take an umbrella if you are heading out this week.

As we move through next week and approach Christmas, the weather looks much more typical for the United Kingdom winter. In Belfast, the weather will generally be milder with rainy periods.

Bands of rain move across the country, getting to Hull. Monday through Sunday, no sign of stopping showers. Stable above-zero temperatures even at night.

People of Liverpool should see a lot of showers during the upcoming week. However, the weather conditions here are milder than in other areas: daily temperatures around ten Celsius.

Showers, locally heavy, will continue to affect Manchester. So if you got any plans for Christmas week – keep up to date with the forecasters.

Cloudy, rainy weather is expected in Norwich. Highest day: thirteen Celsius, lowest day: six Celsius. Strong winds from the south, and southwest are predicted by forecasters.

Now let’s move on to Birmingham. Temperature will immediately jump here into the low double digits, although will change to the mid-single figures over the weekend.

Cloudy, rainy weather taking control in Oxford – this is valid until Saturday. Because some December sunshine will finally show up, over the weekend.

Showers, across London, some of them heavy, will stop only by Sunday. Temperatures ranging from highs of seven Celsius to thirteen Celsius, without overnight frost.

Spells of rain and stronger winds are likely in Cardiff. Temperature will eventually drop to six Celsius by Sunday.

Early in the period and towards Christmas, conditions are likely to be less cold in Southampton. We are at double digits for almost the whole week. Bands of rain are highly expected.

It will remain milder in Plymouth with temperatures close to, or more likely above average. Daily temperatures stay between nine to twelve Celsius. Raining the whole week.

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