UK Weather in August 2023

UK weather in August 2023. How hot will it get this summer?

As extremely high temperatures persist across parts of southern Europe, a current is making way for another in Italy, Spain, and Greece. The European Space Agency has warned that this is just the beginning. And Italy, in particular, is facing temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius in many cities.

But what about the UK? We've been wondering when the hot summer weather will return. Well, hold on tight because it's not expected to arrive for several more weeks. was one of the hottest and driest months on record, but has been quite the opposite with windy and wet conditions. So, what does the Met Office predict for ?

Simon Partridge, the Met Office forecaster, says that the pattern of changeable weather will continue. It's quite disappointing for the middle of with nothing particularly warm or sunny on the horizon. However, there's still a hope as the long-range models show that things might turn drier and warmer, but we'll have to wait until mid- for that to happen.