UK Summer

UK summer weather forecast. When we will finally see the sun?

Hello and welcome to the latest UK summer . The weather in the UK hasn't been the best lately, with lots of and not much sunshine. So, we are wondering, when summer sunshine will finally return after a couple of weeks of .

Unfortunately, it looks like the wet and windy days are sticking around for a bit longer. We are expecting more and showers in the coming days, especially in the north-western and western parts of the country.

The good news is that towards the second half of , we might finally see some improvements. There's a chance of getting some more settled and warmer weather with lighter winds. Hot summer sunshine will definitely return towards the end of the month. Fingers crossed for that.

But before we get there, this weekend is not looking great. Showers are expected in the south of England and south of Wales on Saturday, with a band of rain moving northwards and gaining strength by Sunday. Some places in the northwest might get hit with quite a bit of rain, about 20 to 30 millimeters. So stay prepared for that.

As for temperatures, they won't be soaring. It will mostly be around 18 to 21 degrees Celsius throughout the weekend, with the warmest spot being East Anglia on Saturday, reaching 24 degrees Celsius. Which is pretty average for this time of year.

Now, looking back a bit, 2022 was a real scorcher in the UK. It was the hottest year on record, with temperatures hitting a scorching 40 degrees Celsius for the first time ever. Wildfires and extreme heat were all part of that unforgettable summer. And guess what? Experts say it might not be the last time we experience such heatwaves. is real, and if we keep emitting greenhouse gases, the Earth will keep getting hotter.

So, we might have to endure some more wet and cool days ahead, but let's hope for that better weather in the second half of . And remember, we all play a part in taking care of our planet and preventing more in the future. Stay safe and do not forget that such a long-range just provides an indication of how the weather might change, or be different from normal. To avoid any troubles, make sure to stay up to date with the forecasts. More videos are on the way, including weekly forecasts, so we will definitely keep you updated on the United Kingdom weather. Please make sure to subscribe.

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