UK Weather Forecast

Heavy Rain Moving Northeast: UK Weather Forecast for July 19-21

We bring you the latest updates for the next 3 days. Get ready for heavy outbreaks of as they push northeastwards across much of the UK. While southern England remains dry and Scotland experiences brighter conditions with scattered showers, we'll see more dry periods in the upcoming days.

However, the weather remains changeable, with an ongoing risk of showers, and the weekend brings the threat of more persistent from the west. Stay informed as we dive into each day's weather.

Tuesday starts off dry for much of the UK, but outbreaks of are already moving into the south west and Northern Ireland. As the day progresses, a heavy rain area sweeps northeastwards across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. East Anglia and the south-eastern corner should stay dry, while Scotland enjoys a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers with some in the south west.

As we approach the night, the persistent rain clears eastwards, leaving a dry end to the night for most parts of the UK.

Looking ahead, tomorrow promises a mix of sunny spells and showers, with the heaviest ones expected in the north and east. Western and south-western areas will likely experience the driest and brightest conditions, and temperatures will be warmer than recent days.

Throughout the video, we discuss the weather patterns and low-pressure systems shaping the coming days. Scattered showers return on Thursday, with a few possibly heavy, though many areas should still enjoy decent amounts of sunshine.

Friday brings continued showery weather in the north, while the south is likely to remain dry and bright. Toward the end of the day, outbreaks of rain start to approach Northern Ireland.

Stay tuned for more updates and daily weather forecasts. Don't forget to subscribe to our weather channel for the latest information on the UK's ever-changing weather conditions. Thanks for watching!

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