UK Weekend Weather Forecast: Rain, Thunderstorms, and Summer Showers!

Welcome to the United Kingdom . What does the upcoming weekend prepare for us? Should we expect a summer heat wave? Let's check the 3-day forecast for all the UK regions.

Weather forecast.  Friday, the fourteenth of July.

Heavy showers will continue affecting Northern Ireland. It will be pretty chilly here. Daily temperature stays between 15 to 17 Celsius.

Scotland's weather will be cloudy and rainy as well. The people of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow will definitely need an umbrella on Friday.

The will trickle its way across Wales. The temperature will struggle to reach 20 Celsius. Southeast winds will get much stronger in Cardiff and Swansea, so better be prepared.

Friday is going to be cold and rainy in North West England. Daily temperatures in Liverpool and Manchester should only be around 16 or 17 degrees. Southeast winds will strengthen.

Showers, some of them – heavy, are expected in North East England. The highest daily temperature in Newcastle and Sunderland will be 18 or 19 Celsius.

What about the weather in Yorkshire? Gusty southeast winds will be pushing showers to Hull, Sheffield, and Leeds. The temperature is more widely in the mid to high teens.

There will be some persistent rains around the West Midlands. The daily temperature in Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry, and Birmingham stays between 16 to 18 degrees.

We will see heavy spells of across the East Midlands. 18 degrees should be the highest figure this Friday. Southern winds will be strong in Northampton, around 17 miles per hour.

It will be rainy across the East of England. Despite the precipitation, temperatures in Norwich and Cambridge will reach 20 Celsius.

and showers will affect South West England, though some brightness too. Southern winds will be very strong in Plymouth, Bournemouth, and Bristol, 20 miles per hour.

The summer rain will creep toward South East England as well. Temperatures in Oxford and Southampton will be around 19 degrees. A bit warmer in London, up to 22 Celsius.

UK weather for Saturday, the fifteenth of July.

Rain won't stop affecting Northern Ireland on weekends. The temperature should stay between 16 to 18 degrees.

Let's check Scotland's weather. Rainy, changing to sunny intervals, across Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. Dundee will be hit with summer .

It will be a damp start to the weekends in Wales. Southwestern winds will be very strong in Cardiff and Swansea, around 20 miles per hour.

Wet weather in North West England, particularly in Liverpool and Preston. After a rainy Saturday morning, will occur in Manchester.

Temperature across North East England will be close to 20 Celsius. However, Newcastle and Sunderland will be hit with summer .

Rain will continue affecting Yorkshire, some thunderstorms are possible in Sheffield.

Rainy, changing to sunny spells across the West Midlands. Daily temperatures in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, and Coventry will vary between 18 to 20 degrees.

The weather will stay rainy across the East Midlands. The people of Northampton will see the thunderstorms on Saturday.

A bit warmer weather is predicted for the East of England. The temperature will rise above 20 Celsius, reaching 22 Celsius in Norwich and Cambridge.

Remaining rainy in South West England, with some short-term sunny spells in Plymouth, Bournemouth, and Bristol. Winds will get even stronger here, up to 28 miles per hour.

Let's visit South East England. Rain or showers will affect London, Oxford, and Southampton, though some brightness too. Southwestern winds will reach 20 miles per hour.

Weather forecast.  And finally, Sunday, the sixteenth of July.

It will be raining in Northern Ireland. Staying pretty chilly, the highest temperature of 18 Celsius is expected in Belfast.

The daily temperature in Scotland is more widely in the mid to high teens. The people of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow will definitely see some summer rain.

Showers continuing at least till Sunday in Wales. With strong gusts of western . In Swansea and Cardiff, it will reach 15 miles per hour.

What does the weather have in store for North West England? Rainy spells, changing to some sunny intervals in Liverpool and Manchester, but the temperature is up to 18 Celsius.

Rain will creep toward North East England on Sunday. 19 degrees are expected in Newcastle and Sunderland.

Sun will show up above Yorkshire, but a lot of rainy clouds remain. People of Hull, Sheffield, and Leeds should better take an umbrella before heading outside.

It will cheer up a bit across the West Midlands, though still the likelihood of showers in Coventry and Birmingham. The temperature will get closer to 20 degrees.

East Midlands will be affected by rain on Sunday. The daily temperature could get to highs of 20 Celsius.

Staying pretty warm across East of England, despite the precipitation. The temperature in Norwich and Cambridge should be around 22 degrees.

South West England is favored for some rainy weather, it is going to be largely cloudy. In addition, southwestern winds will strengthen here.

It is going to be a quite rainy summer day across South East England. Temperatures will stay between 19 to 21 degrees in London, Oxford, and Southampton.

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