UK Weather forecast for tomorrow 26 April 2023

UK weather forecast for tomorrow, April 26: widespread overnight frost

Welcome to the UK weather channel. Chilly weather may linger into Wednesday as well, bringing some frostiness and wintry showers.

Additionally, new alerts have been issued. Flooding is possible on the Lower River Medway, Upper River Stour, River Beult, River Bourne, and others. Please always monitor local water levels and weather warnings.

Now, let's check the latest weather update for tomorrow, 26.

Morning weather forecast 26 April 2023.

The risk of overnight frosts remains in Scotland and northern England. For example, temperatures in Aberdeen could struggle to rise above freezing by early morning. Dig out your winter hats, gloves, and scarves, even though it's .

There will be dry and bright weather, across North West England and West Midlands. However, temperatures in Manchester, Birmingham, and Coventry, stay at the low level: between 6 to 8 Celsius.

Spring and drizzle, will affect Wales and southern areas, on Wednesday morning.

Afternoon and evening weather forecast 26 April 2023.

Such cloudy weather should continue, as we are going through the afternoon, particularly across central and eastern parts. Fairly cloudy, with at times, to South West England and Wales. While North West England could see some sunshine in the second half of the day.

The cold is digging in this week and daytime temperatures will remain below average. The highest figures are expected in Liverpool and Plymouth: around 11 or 12 Celsius. Much colder across Scotland and northern England: between 6 to 8 Celsius at mid-day. Warm clothes are a must.

And what about the London weather 26 April 2023?

It is going to be a very cloudy spring day, however, precipitation will not bother you. The temperature stays between 7 to 10 Celsius during the whole of Wednesday.

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