April 25

UK weather forecast for tomorrow, April 25: the risk of overnight frosts remains

Welcome to the UK weather channel. This week started with chilly and unsettled weather. On Tuesday there will be some frostiness and wintry showers in places.

According to the current weather warnings, new alerts have been issued. Flooding is possible on the Tidal Thames riverside, Tidal River Avon, Lower River Soar, River Rom, and others. Please always monitor local water levels and weather warnings.

Now, let's check the latest weather update for tomorrow, 25.

Morning weather forecast.

Overnight frost is possible in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and North East England, though it's the end of . Temperatures in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Newcastle are expected to drop to 1 or 2 Celsius, bringing the risk of frost and ice. Showers will affect northern parts of Scotland on Tuesday morning, wintry at times.

A chilly, but sunny start of the day awaits North West England, West Midlands, eastern areas of the UK, London, and South East England. However, the temperature will not be able to reach the low double digits before noon.

Afternoon and evening weather forecast.

There will be some spring sunshine across North West England and South West England during the middle part of the day. It will remain chilly in Manchester, Southampton, Plymouth, and Bournemouth, though there may be some clear skies. The daily temperature stays around 10 or 11 Celsius.

Cloudy, but dry elsewhere. Light rains will continue affecting northern Scotland. Temperatures slightly below the seasonal average for many places.

London weather?

Sunny, but pretty cold in the morning. April sunshine will fail to lift the temperature. is not expected, despite being overcast during the second half of the day. Evening temperatures around 11 Celsius dropping to 6 Celsius by night.

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