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UK Weather forecast for the upcoming month – Month ahead.

The last month of twenty-twenty-two has been dominated by higher-than-average temperatures. Aside from the record-breaking temperatures, the United Kingdom saw a lot of , however many locations ended the year drier than average. So, we are wondering, what the weather is going to look like. Will we see a lot of and freezing temperatures? Let's find out.

According to BBC weather, unsettled, but mostly mild conditions will linger into twenty-twenty-three. Atlantic low-pressure systems should bring showers, some of them – heavy, along with occasionally strong winds. Winter weather will definitely bring to the northwest of Scotland. However, later in , much colder conditions are highly expected across the United Kingdom. We could see an increased risk of sleet and .

Let's take a closer look at how the winter weather could change during January.

Monday, the second of January – Sunday, the eighth of January.

The opening week of twenty-twenty-three is expected to be mostly mild, however, an unsettled pattern will persist. Temperatures still above average, especially in the southern parts. A wet outlook warns about periods of and strong winds, as frontal systems pass across the United Kingdom. A few colder incursions are predicted in Scotland, bringing some wintry showers.

Monday, the ninth of January – Sunday, the fifteenth of January.

The following week is promising less mild weather, with wintry showers and nighttime frosts. Northern and western areas are most likely to be wettest, however, most parts of the United Kingdom will again be drier than average, except perhaps, northern Scotland. Low pressure in the North Atlantic, though not as deep as previous week.

Monday, the sixteenth of January – Sunday, the twenty-second of January.

High-pressure ridges across the country this week. Thus, the second half of looks likely to be drier, with temperatures falling below average, especially in the south and southeast. However, in Scotland mean temperatures are still expected to be above normal. Small chance to see the sunshine, as low clouds can often be persistent in this kind of setup.

Regarding the end of January, developments are unclear at the moment. No promise or threat, but it could easily get colder, as we head into February.

Such a long-range just provides an indication, of how the weather might change, or be different from normal in January. So, in order to avoid any troubles, make sure to stay up to date with the forecasts. And please, always keep an eye on the weather warning. More videos are on the way, including daily and weekly forecasts. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated on the United Kingdom .

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