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10 day trend weather forecast for the UK

Hello and welcome to the 10-day for the . Current forecasts are predicting drier, but chillier weather in the second half of February. However, all of the regions will have some precipitation, mostly short-term spells of . The wettest conditions are expected to be in the northwest, especially in Scotland cities: Aberdeen and Glasgow. The risk of , as always, is restricted to high ground in the north. Moreover, it could become very windy at times.

BBC weather even issued a of wind. Areas affected are North East England, North West England, Yorkshire, and South West Scotland. Strong winds developing through Friday, February seventeenth, may bring disruption to travel. So, if you have any plans for next weekend – think about possible delays.

During the next 10 days, temperatures should be close to or above the seasonal average. Still with low double digits over the coming weekend. Daily temperature around 14 Celsius is predicted not just for the southern cities, but also for London, Birmingham, and Oxford.

The last week of February is promising higher-than-average temperatures as well. However, according to BBC weather, high pressure could drift westwards for a time, allowing much chillier winds to take control. As a result, getting colder across the . Temperatures will turn to zero by night in Manchester and London, bringing the risk of frost and . No chance of significant , but some wintry showers will occur over northern high ground.

High pressure starts to dominate again, as we head into March. It promises drier and warmer weather across most parts of the . With a lot of sunshine in Cardiff and Plymouth. Daily temperature increases, turning into low double digits.

As we can see, mild conditions should stay at least until the end of winter. However, February weather is often changeable and unpredictable. So, in order to avoid any troubles, it is better to stay up to date with the forecasts. More videos are on the way, including weekly forecasts for the . Please do not forget to subscribe and we will definitely keep you updated.

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