March 2023

Weather outlook: what March 2023 prepares for us?

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During the whole winter, we have mostly seen mild weather without hard overnight frosts. In general, temperatures were slightly above the long-term normal, sometimes even reaching low-double digits. Such mild winter weather gives hope for the early arrival of spring. So, we are wondering, what 2023 prepares for us. Returning of and wintry showers or high temperatures with a lot of sunshine? Let's take a more detailed look at how the weather could change during the first month of spring.

BBC weather alerts that flooding is possible in March. Please always check the latest updates.

Wednesday, the first of March – Sunday, the fifth of March.

According to BBC weather, high pressure should stay at least until the first days of March. It will be centered to the south, allowing disturbances from the Atlantic to push across the . As a result, dry and calm conditions are expected till Sunday, the fifth of March. The amount of precipitation should be below average for most areas, including northern Scotland, with a small chance of significantly strong winds. However, the risk of overnight frosts remains: temperatures most likely turning to zero by night. Fog patches will come as no surprise even during daytime.

Monday, the sixth of March – Sunday, the twelfth of March.

During the second week of March colder conditions are expected, despite the fact that high pressure will remain close to the United Kingdom. Temperatures could even be below average towards the end of this period. Spells of and are more likely than earlier in March. The driest conditions are surprisingly predicted for the northwestern areas. It can potentially get colder in the UK by mid-March, however, developments are unclear at the moment.

Rest of the month.

As we mentioned, there is still some uncertainty regarding the weather during the second half of March. Please make sure to stay up to date with the current forecasts in order to avoid any troubles. More videos are on the way, including weekly forecasts and 10-day trends. So, do not forget to subscribe and we will keep you updated on the United Kingdom weather.

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