UK weather outlook : 15 – 28 February 2023

Hello and welcome to the monthly for the . During the first half of February 2023, temperatures were slightly above the long-term normal. Unsettled weather with some rainy spells occurred in the northwest, while central and southern parts of the UK faced much drier conditions. With sunshine totals reaching above average. So, we are wondering, what February 2023 prepares for us in the future? Will we see for one last time and returning of nighttime frosts? Or such mild conditions will stay until ? Let's take a closer look at how the weather could change during the end of winter.

BBC weather alerts that flooding is possible. Please be prepared and take care of yourself.

Wednesday, the fifteenth of February – Sunday, the nineteenth of February.

Mild weather should stay in the UK at least for one more week. According to BBC weather, high pressure will be mostly centered to the south and southeast. As a result, daily temperatures in London, Southampton, and Plymouth turning again into low double digits. But we have to admit, that associated fronts will bring showers and strong winds as well, especially to Scotland. For example, rainy spells are expected in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Fronts could struggle to move southwards, meaning much drier conditions. However, should come as no surprise even in southern cities. Temperatures still above the February average, not least due to the south-westerly flow of winds.

Monday, the twentieth of February – Sunday, the twenty-sixth of February.

Unsettled weather is expected during the last week of February. At the moment, there are signs of much colder conditions across the . Temperatures most likely turning to zero by night, bringing the risk of frost and . With a chance of wintry showers, coming farther south. And the risk of is mostly restricted to high ground in the northern areas.

Rest of the month.

Will there be some chance of a colder pattern, while we are heading into spring? Regarding the final two days of February 2023, developments are currently unclear. Temperatures as a whole should be close to or above the seasonal average. But overnight frosts can not be excluded. However, this is rather far into the future, so it is pretty speculative to predict.

Just bear in mind, that such a long-range weather forecast is just providing an indication of how the weather might change during the second half of February. Please make sure to stay up to date with the current forecasts in order to avoid any troubles. More videos are on the way, including weekly forecasts. So, do not forget to subscribe.

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