Natural disasters

Natural disasters across the world. Storm Ravages Crimea, Unprecedented Flooding in Turkey, and Heavy Snowfall Hits Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova

Around the globe, we've been facing some pretty intense weather situations lately, and it's causing serious problems. Let's talk about a few of these big events.

Storm hits Crimea and strands a bulk carrier off the Black Sea coast.

Crimea, the Russian-annexed peninsula, bore the brunt of hurricane-force winds and heavy rains on Sunday, November 26, leaving nearly half a million people without power. Tragically, a fatality was reported on the southern coast, and speeds exceeding 140 kilometers per hour wreaked havoc in various areas. The worst-hit regions include Chornomorsk, Saky, Bilohirsk, Simferopol, Zhovtneve, and Bakhchysarai.

Adding a maritime dimension to the chaos, a Belize-flagged cargo ship, intending to load barley at the Taman seaport, ran aground near Anapa due to a in the Black Sea. Despite precautionary measures, on Sunday, November 26, strong winds and waves dislodged the ship from its anchor leading to it being stranded near Anapa. The vessel, carrying 2 point 8 thousand tons of barley, hosts a crew of 21 from Syria, India, and Egypt, with no reported casualties or injuries.

Storm Ravages Crimea, Unprecedented Flooding in Turkey, and Heavy Snowfall Hits Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova

Unprecedented snowfall and flooding in Turkey.

Earlier, on November 19, Turkey experienced an unusual meteorological spectacle as Istanbul witnessed its first November snowfall since 2016. Weather forecasts hint at yet another snowfall set to sweep the city soon. This rare event was followed by torrential that unleashed unprecedented flooding in İzmir, the country's third-largest city, on Saturday, November 25. The rainfall, the highest in 80 years, left streets resembling rivers and submerged buildings and vehicles. Over 2,000 structures were affected, prompting advisories for citizens to stay indoors. Public transport was disrupted, and power outages occurred in parts of the city. The impact extended to other Turkish cities, including Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, and Adana, where and damaged infrastructure, including roads, bridges, homes, and businesses. The Turkish Meteorological Service issued warnings of further rainfall and , urging precautionary measures.


Heavy snowfalls in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.

Romania and Moldova faced the onslaught of heavy snowfall and blizzards on Sunday, November 26, resulting in one fatality, hundreds of localities without electricity, and the closure of national roads. In Moldova, a 40-year-old man lost his life in a road accident caused by slippery conditions. Red weather warnings were issued in eastern Romanian counties, with winds expected to reach 100 kilometers per hour. Electrical outages affected more than 400 localities, leading to the closure of roads at both national and local levels.

In neighboring Bulgaria, winter storms prompted the government to declare a state of emergency, leaving over 1,000 settlements without electricity. Traffic accidents claimed two lives, and 36 individuals sustained injuries. The storms also resulted in road closures, traffic disruptions, and damage to infrastructure, including fallen trees and power lines.

These recent weather events serve as stark reminders of the formidable force of nature and the imperative to address the escalating challenges posed by the climate crisis.

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