Latest events November 2023

Latest events November 2023. Natural disasters across the world.

The world continues to experience severe weather conditions that have led to various natural disasters and events. It is difficult to deny the ongoing climate crisis. So, let's delve into some of the significant incidents that have unfolded recently.

Storm Ciarán's impact in Italy

Storm Ciarán's impact in Italy. Seven lives lost.

had a tough time as a result of Storm Ciarán. The central Italian region of Tuscany experienced heavy , causing rivers to overflow and leading to some tragic outcomes. On Saturday, the fourth of November, a seventh person was found dead, and one more remained missing over a day after the rivers swelled. , like many other places, is grappling with the real and present impact of climate change.

Wildfire in Spain

Wildfire in Spain.

Last Friday, on the third of November, in eastern Spain, a erupted, forcing at least 850 residents to leave their homes. This was fueled by the powerful winds of Storm Ciaran. The flames have impacted four villages near the town of Gandia in the Valencia region, scorching about 20 square kilometers of land. Winds reached speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, which played a significant role in spreading the fire, especially in the hilly, wooded terrain. It's important to note that this fire occurred amidst a period of heavy and strong winds caused by Storm Ciaran, but unfortunately, the precipitation and lower temperatures didn't prevent the wildfire from igniting and spreading.

Large waves

Large waves and strong winds in the UK.

Storm Ciarán didn't spare the United Kingdom either, unleashing strong winds and heavy that posed a danger to life. Weather warnings were issued on November 2nd, and the storm created significant disruptions and flooding in the southern parts of the country. Photographs from the hardest-hit areas showed the extent of Ciarán's impact. In Newhaven, massive waves nearly reached the top of a lighthouse, while gusts of up to 63 miles per hour battered Sussex.

Storm Domingos caused chaos in France

Storm Domingos caused chaos in France.

After the disruptions caused by Storm Ciaran, France faced another weather challenge in the form of Storm Domingos on November 4 and 5. This new storm inflicted widespread damage, adding to the series of severe weather events that have plagued the country recently. With powerful winds and torrential rain, Storm Domingos led to power outages and transportation problems, leaving many households and travelers in disarray. The hardest-hit regions were France's west coast, from Vendée to Landes, as well as parts of Brittany. Winds reaching up to 152 kilometers per hour resulted in substantial damage to infrastructure and homes. Beyond material damage, Storm Domingos caused injuries, including two firefighters, and triggered multiple accidents.

Heavy rains and flooding hit Seattle

Heavy rains and flooding hit Seattle, United States.

Taking a quick look outside of Europe, heavy rain and thunderstorms rolled through the Seattle area over the weekend, causing streets and prompting road closures and traffic delays. The thunderstorms eventually calmed down on Saturday afternoon, with showers lingering for a bit longer before the sun emerged. The inclement weather left up to 6,000 customers without power in western Washington. This is a reminder of how unpredictable and powerful weather events can affect different parts of the world.

Severe air pollution in India's New Delhi

Severe air pollution in India's New Delhi.

Speaking about weather disasters across the Globe, New Delhi, the capital of India, found itself shrouded in a dense layer of smog on Friday. Due to the plummeting air quality index, authorities ordered the closure of some schools. New Delhi once again topped the real-time list of the world's most polluted cities. Regional officials attributed this severe pollution to a combination of lower temperatures, a lack of , and the burning of crop stubble in nearby states. Many of the city's 20 million residents reported eye irritation and itchy throats as the air took on a thick gray hue.

Storms bring hail to Canada

Storms bring hail to Canada.

The week kicked off with some wild weather in Canada. Southern Ontario got a taste of hail as thunderstorms rolled through on Monday, November 6. We can see a lot of recent footage, filmed in Canada. Local media reported that temperatures were expected to dip in the province before another storm system rolled in late Wednesday into Thursday.