Tornado in Bulgaria

Terrifying Tornado Strikes Bulgaria: Over 150 Homes Damaged by Powerful Storm

On November 4, 2023, a powerful system swept through several parts of the country, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

In the village of Lavovo, located near Isperih in Bulgaria's Razgrad Province, a large touched down, resulting in significant damage. This unroofed more than 100 homes and caused widespread infrastructure damage. The impact included the uprooting of trees and the severe damage to electric poles and cables. The force of this was truly remarkable.

The neighboring locality of Dulovo experienced a similar fate, with uprooted trees and disrupted power supply due to damaged cables.

The Bulgarian National Television reported that the same system responsible for the tornado in Lavovo also wreaked havoc in central regions of the country. Specifically, areas around Stara Zagora and Kazanlak were affected, with numerous incidents involving fallen trees and branches, as well as damage to electric poles. Consequently, power outages affected the villages of Rakitnitsa and parts of Dalboki in Stara Zagorje.

Moving further to the south, in the regions of Smolyan and the municipality of Kaloyanovo, residents encountered similar interruptions to their power supply. In the southeastern part of Bulgaria, ten villages within the Tundzha municipality were left without electricity.

The historical city of Veliko Tarnovo was not spared, with severe flooding observed, particularly around the regional hospital's roundabouts. These adverse weather conditions have had a substantial impact on the affected areas.

Please stay safe and heed the advice of local authorities during these challenging times.

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