Wildfire Rages in Spain

Hundreds Evacuated as Wildfire Ignited by Storm Ciaran Ravages Eastern Spain

In a dire situation fueled by strong winds from Ciaran, authorities evacuated approximately 800 people in the Valencia region.

A broke out, putting communities at risk and spreading overnight, affecting the towns of Gandia, Potríes, and Ador. Regional president Carlos Mazon called for caution and restrictions on activities in forested areas due to the aggressive 120 kph winds. Over 4,900 acres have already been consumed by the -fueled . A significant response effort, including the deployment of 200 firefighters and military units, is underway, with hopes to utilize aircraft for firefighting support. The ongoing drought in , worsened by climate change, has left the land incapable of absorbing rainfall, exacerbating the threat despite recent and cooler temperatures.

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