April Weather Forecast

April weather forecast for the United Kingdom

Hello and welcome to the forecast for the United Kingdom. According to BBC weather, the beginning of the upcoming week prepares for us rather unsettled weather. As a few bands of are moving in from the Atlantic. However, high pressure could bring much drier and calmer conditions from mid-week. More settled weather is expected in the northern and eastern parts of the UK. Temperatures should reach seasonal averages, despite some strong winds. So, we are wondering, what does 2023 prepare for us?

When will it get warmer?

Let's take a closer look at the weather in different cities.

Let's start with the Scotland weather. More settled weather is expected in Aberdeen, despite some rainy spells. Daily temperatures should stay around 10 Celsius.

The first half of is going to be cloudy and rainy in Edinburgh. Staying sunny and dry as we head into May. Finally, it's time to forget about overnight frosts.

People of Glasgow will see a lot of in April. The daily temperature should increase, turning into the low double digits.

Newcastle. A mixture of sunshine and showers will broadly be the picture during this month. Temperatures ranging from highs of 10 Celsius to 13 Celsius, without overnight frost.

What about the Northern Ireland weather? Mostly cloudy weather is expected in Belfast, though there will be some clear skies. The temperature stays at the same level: between 10 to 13 Celsius.

The first days of April are promising pretty chilly conditions to Hull. However, totals of sunshine will suddenly increase here. As a result, it will get warmer: daily temperatures between 9 to minus 13 Celsius.

April is preparing some mild weather for Liverpool. The daily temperature stays above average figures: between 12 to 14 Celsius during the whole month.

Similar conditions are predicted for Manchester. for many days, however, temperatures should increase to 12-14 Celsius by midday.

Norwich. Most days the weather will be cloudy and rainy. Sunny spells are expected only closer to May.

Brighter skies compared to recently in Birmingham. Though in any clear spells, we could see some rain in April. Temperatures slightly above average: between 12 to 14 Celsius.

We are moving to Oxford. The first half of April is promising rainy conditions, while during the second half of the month, the weather is going to be much milder and more settled. Totals of sunshine will go up.

It will remain mostly cloudy and rainy in London. Be prepared for some heavy showers. However, clear, sunny weather with light winds is expected as we head into May.

Now, let's take a look at Wales' weather. Some April sunshine will definitely be able to lift the temperature in Cardiff. Higher-than-average temperatures are expected here: between 12 to 14 Celsius.

Temperatures ranging from highs of 12 Celsius to 15 Celsius in Southampton. It's a good idea to bring along your umbrella in April so that you don't get caught in poor weather.

People of Plymouth will be pleased with clear sunny weather. However, rain should come as no surprise during the whole of April. Temperatures should be around average: between 11 to 14 Celsius.

Please bear in mind that such a long-range just provides an indication, of how the weather might change, or be different from normal in April. To avoid any problems, make sure to stay up to date with the forecasts. And do not forget to check the weather warnings. More videos are on the way, including weekly forecasts. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated on the UK .

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