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UK seven-day weather forecast…

Current forecasts predict unseasonable temperatures – with the cold weather continuing into next week. As winds veering more easterly through the twelfth-fourteenth of December, it looks increasingly likely, that we will see a period of wintry showers moving in from the east. BBC weather alerts there is a yellow warning for snow and ice. Overnight temperatures are likely to dip widely below zero. A chilly start to December, but will this trend continue over the next week? Here is the seven-day forecast: from Monday, the twelfth of December, to Sunday, the eighteenth of December.

Starting from the northern cities of Scotland. Snow and ice will impact Aberdeen over the upcoming week. Widespread nighttime frosts are expected. Wrap up if you are heading out.

Cold, snowy weather in Edinburgh. Midday temperatures are still below freezing. Thursday is the coldest day of the week with a temperature of minus 3 Celsius. More showers through the weekend.

Another freezing week in Glasgow. With a lot of sunshine at the beginning. Wintry showers taking control from Friday. Despite rainy Sunday, the temperature will rise to 6 Celsius.

Ice, snow, and freezing fog, are in the forecast for Newcastle. Daily temperatures slightly above freezing. It could rain on Sunday, so if you got plans – keep up to date with the forecasters.

Rainy start of the week in Belfast will be changed by sunny spells. However, showers returning over the weekend. Daily temperatures will grow significantly, from 5 to 12 Celsius.

Cold conditions taking control in Liverpool. Stable sub-zero temperatures at night. Mostly clear, sunny weather with light winds will turn cloudy on Friday. As a result, rainy weekend.

Manchester: most days remaining dry but cold throughout the week. Overnight frost with temperatures dropping below freezing, hitting minus 3 Celsius. Rain on Sunday, however, it will get warmer.

Nottingham, will definitely see some sunshine. Temperatures between 0 to 2 Celsius, during the first 6 days of the week, exceeding 10 Celsius on Sunday. Stable minus 2 Celsius at night.

We are moving to Derby. Partly cloudy changing to sunny, throughout the week. Light rain and a gentle breeze on Sunday.

Norwich. It will remain mostly cloudy this week, though there may be some clear skies. High chance of rain on Thursday and Sunday. Better take an umbrella if you are heading outside.

Birmingham. Most days remaining dry, but cold throughout the week. Daily temperatures around 1 Celsius, dropping below zero overnight. Sunny spells in midweek will bring some pleasant moments.

Changeable weather is expected in Oxford. Wintry showers at the beginning, but dry throughout the week, with some sunshine. Stable minus 3 Celsius at night. Rainy Sunday is promising a significant temperature increase, up to 13 Celsius.

Brighter skies in London, compared to recently, but still some cloudier periods in places. Temperatures ranging from highs of 3 Celsius to 5 Celsius, without overnight frost. Winds light and variable.

December sunshine in midweek will be able to lift the temperature in Cardiff. Showers, locally heavy, will continue to affect the city over the weekend.

A mixture of sunshine and showers will broadly be the picture during the week in Southampton. Lowest Day: 3 Celsius, highest Day: 13 Celsius. Cloudy weather turning into rainy over the weekend.

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