UK Christmas weather forecast 2022

UK Christmas weather forecast

Welcome to the UK Christmas weather forecast.

The Christmas countdown is on, and many of us are excited to see a white Christmas. It is still early to say for certain, but the long-range forecast for the twenty-fifth of December suggests, there may well be some wintry weather, even in southern areas. However, according to BBC weather, the week up to Christmas looks like it`s becoming less cold, due to a couple of Atlantic low-pressure systems, approaching and pushing fronts across the United Kingdom. So what are the chances of a white Christmas in two thousand and twenty-two? Let’s find out.

Starting from the north. Cloudy weather will bring showers across Aberdeen, on the twenty-fifth of December. However, the temperature should remain above zero.

Edinburgh will see a mix of rain, and sleet on Christmas. Daily temperatures slightly above freezing. Be careful of icy stretches when traveling.

Despite some sunshine, midday temperatures are still below freezing in Glasgow. Do not forget a big coat, as it will be a cold day. Nighttime frosts are expected as well.

What does the weather have in store for Newcastle? Daily temperature around 3 Celsius, turning into zero by night. Wintry showers are possible during the day.

Dry and bright weather with a lot of sunshine in Belfast. Daily temperatures around 7 Celsius, dropping to 3 Celsius. Without overnight frosts.

The Christmas weather forecast is promising overcast and showers in Hull. So do not forget to take an umbrella if you are heading out.

Showers will continue to affect Liverpool. Temperatures on the twenty-fifth of December though should stay above zero even at night.

Temperatures will barely climb above freezing in Manchester. As a result, wintry showers will bring a risk of icy surfaces. Hopefully, this will not ruin your Christmas.

Light rain showers in Norwich. Daily temperatures, between 3 to 4 Celsius, turning into zero by night. Better bring an umbrella or a rain coat.

According to the latest weather forecast, Birmingham is expecting clear to partly cloudy weather on Christmas. Overnight frost is predicted.

Cloudy weather in Oxford. Daily temperatures around 2 Celsius, dropping below zero overnight. You’ll want to wrap up warmly, if you are heading outside.

Despite some sunshine, temperatures will barely climb above freezing in London. It’s time to dig out the winter hats, gloves, and scarves.

Clear, sunny weather is expected in Cardiff. However, to avoid any troubles, make sure to stay up to date with the forecast.

Southampton is hoping to see dry and bright weather with a lot of sunshine. Daily temperature around 4 Celsius, turning into minus 1 Celsius by night.

People of Plymouth getting some snow on Christmas. 5 Celsius at midday could easily feel, more like lower figures. Sub-zero temperatures at night.

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