UK Weather : snow & ice for some this weekend

UK Weather : snow & ice for some this weekend
United Kingdom three-day weather forecast.

Cold is expected to linger with further wintry showers, and sleet, mainly for the northern United Kingdom. Temperatures around 2, to minus 3, or 4 Celsius, depending on your location. BBC weather alerts there is a yellow warning for snow, and ice on Friday for Northern Ireland, Scotland, and North of England. Also, there will be some patches of fog moving from place to place. And where will we get sunshine temperatures and plenty of bright blue skies? Let’s take a closer look at the United Kingdom weather during the three-day period: from Friday, the ninth of December, to Sunday, the eleventh of December.

Starting from the northern cities. Cold, snowy weather is expected in Aberdeen for all three days. Stable sub-zero temperatures at night.

Edinburgh. Cloudy weather turning into snowy on Sunday. With sub-zero temperatures overnight, which could struggle to rise above freezing by day, bringing the risk of frost and ice.

We are moving to Glasgow. Clear to partly cloudy weather, unlike the other cities in Scotland. Temperatures between 0 to minus 3 Celsius during the whole three-day period. Winds light and variable.

People of Newcastle should see how snow continues to fall on Friday. No snow, but mostly cloudy weather over the weekend. Daily temperatures around 2 Celsius, turning into sub-zero temperatures by night.

Belfast. Temperatures ranging from highs of 4 Celsius to 5 Celsius, without overnight frost. However, it’s going to feel more like lower figures, along the western coast.

Snow showers will affect Hull on Friday. A mixture of sunshine and wintry showers will broadly be the picture, at the end of the week. Do not forget to take an umbrella.

Showers, across Liverpool, some of them heavy, will stop only by Sunday. However, the temperature is expected to drop from 5 Celsius to 3 Celsius, despite the clear weather.

Some December sunshine will not be able to lift the temperature in Manchester. Cloudy intervals on Saturday with light winds. Stable minus 2 Celsius at night.

The three-day weather forecast is promising overcast and showers in Norwich. Daily temperatures, between 3 to 5 Celsius, turning into zero by night.

Now let’s move on to Birmingham. Clear, sunny weather with light winds will turn cloudy on Sunday. Daily temperatures around 2 Celsius, dropping below zero overnight.

Oxford. Hard overnight frost with temperatures dropping below freezing, hitting minus 3 Celsius. Mostly clear on Friday, but cloudier over the weekend.

Changeable weather is expected in London. Light wet snow on the eleventh of December, after two sunny days. So if you got plans for Sunday – keep up to date with the forecasters.

Cardiff: dry and bright weather with a lot of sunshine. Daily temperatures slightly above freezing.

Southampton. Partly cloudy, changing to sunny on Saturday. Winds will turn northerly on Sunday. As a result, the temperature will drop from 4 Celsius to 2 Celsius.

Plymouth, another southern city. Sunny spells on Friday will be changed here by overcast weather and light wet snow. Widespread nighttime frosts are expected.

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