UK weather forecast

UK weather forecast: who will see snow this weekend?

Welcome to the United Kingdom for the upcoming weekend.

Starting from Wednesday, weather conditions have suddenly worsened. , sleet, and showers took control over the United Kingdom. The heaviest snowfall affected northern and central areas. As a result, BBC weather alerts: there will be an amber warning of and ice on Friday, the tenth of . Such a situation can continue over the weekend.

Disruptions to transport, power lines, and mobile phone network coverage are expected. National Highways warned drivers to be ready for significant waves of . The alert should affect Derbyshire, Durham, Cheshire East, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Staffordshire, along with Yorkshire.

Snowfalls lead to real travel chaos: United Kingdom airports have been forced to cancel flights because of the weather conditions. For example, flights were postponed or canceled at Bristol Airport, Luton Airport, and London Gatwick.

Moreover, a rare snow has been seen in Scotland. An unusual weather phenomenon was described as “snow raised from the ground in the form of a whirling column of varying height with a small diameter and an approximately vertical axis”.

Now, let's find out which cities will be most affected by heavy snowfalls.

Light wet snow won't stop till Sunday in Birmingham. It will finally get warmer on the twelfth of : daily temperature turning into low double digits.

Similar weather conditions are expected in Coventry. Wintry showers along with an overnight frost.

Light wet snow will get to Dudley as well. Cloudy weather with a lot of precipitation.

Snow will fall in Leicester on Friday and Saturday. It will be changed by on Sunday, as it should get much warmer. Daily temperature will increase to ten Celsius.

Northampton will also be affected by snowfalls, some of them – heavy. Daily temperatures between three to five degrees will jump into low double digits by Sunday.

Snowy weather conditions are predicted for Oxford. Overcast and wet snow are in the forecasts for Friday and Saturday.

Precipitation in Preston will become commonplace. At first, snow, and at the end of this week – heavy showers. Do not forget an umbrella.

It will snow in Reading. Cloudy and sub-zero temperatures overnight, with the risk of frost and ice.

An unseasonably cold spell is expected in Stoke-on-Trent. Hard overnight frost with temperatures dropping below freezing, hitting minus eight Celsius. Snow on Friday and Saturday.

Snow will stop in Wolverhampton only by Sunday. Before that day, a lot of precipitation along with hard overnight frosts.