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UK Weather | March weather forecast for the United Kingdom

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weather is rather changeable and unpredictable. Sometimes we have to wait a while for warm and sunny spring-like conditions. According to the latest BBC weather reports, cold weather could easily linger through the middle of 2023 and even beyond. Chances to see some wintry showers and overnight frost will suddenly increase, especially in northern and eastern parts of the . While low pressure could potentially bring much more precipitation to southern areas. So, let's take a closer look at the weather in different cities. Here is the monthly forecast for the .

Starting from the Scotland weather. Cloudy and rainy month in Aberdeen. With a high risk of snow and overnight frost from the sixth to the tenth of March. Daily temperatures are mostly between 3 to 6 Celsius.

Edinburgh. In the second week of March, overnight frost is expected, with temperatures dropping below freezing, hitting minus 6 Celsius. In mid-March, it will get warmer, but could come as no surprise.

The monthly forecast is promising changeable weather in Glasgow. At first, chilly conditions with a chance to see snow, and later this month – a mixture of sunshine and showers. The daily temperature stays around 6-7 degrees.

Let's move to Newcastle. Overcast weather and light wet snow will be changed here by showers, some of them – heavy. Do not expect a significant temperature increase in March, it should reach 6-8 degrees.

What about the Northern Ireland weather? Very cloudy and mostly rainy in Belfast. Despite a high level of precipitation, daily temperatures stay between 3 to 6 Celsius during the whole month.

Warm weather will not come to Hull in early spring. The first half of March will be remembered here for frosty nights and wet snow. Daily temperatures around 5-7 degrees will turn into the low double digits only a couple of times.

People of Liverpool should be prepared for a lot of rainy days. It's always a good idea in March to bring along your umbrella so that you don't get caught in poor weather.

Similar conditions are predicted in Manchester. March weather quickly turning cloudy, bringing the risk of showers and light wet snow. Better take an umbrella if you are heading outside.

A lot of precipitation in Norwich as well. Overnight frost promises to come back. Daily temperatures finally reaching the low double digits only during the second half of the month.

Birmingham will also face overnight frosts in early spring. Additionally, some wintry showers are expected. Daily temperatures will turn into the low double digits as we are heading into .

Many places in the UK quickly turning frosty in March. For example, during quite chilly nights in Oxford, the temperature will drop to minus five Celsius. Precipitation is in the forecast for most of March days.

Cloudy and rainy weather in London, with some heavy showers and light snow during the second week of March. The temperature stays between 8 to 10 Celsius in the daytime. It should get drier and warmer at the coming of April.

We'll see what Wales weather prepares for us. Daily temperatures between 7 to 10 degrees in Cardiff, despite a lot of precipitation. Sun will finally show up only at the end of the month.

Overnight frosts will get to the south in March as well. Minus 2 Celsius in Southampton. However, it will get much warmer very soon. Stable low double digits during mid-March with some sunny spells.

March is preparing a lot of rain for Plymouth, with a small chance to see the sun. During the second half of the month, daily temperatures should stay between 9 to 11 Celsius.

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