UK Snow : Snowfall Hits London Amidst New Ice Warning.

UK Snow

Snowfall Hits London Amidst New Ice Warning.

As the United Kingdom faces a week-long cold snap, heavy snowfall has descended on some parts, including London.

The Met Office has issued a for various regions, including East of England, London, South East, South West, Wales, and parts of the West Midlands. The warning covers a period from 3 pm to 3 am, urging residents to brace for a mix of sleet and showers moving in from the east, resulting in near-zero temperatures.

Drivers are advised to exercise caution on the roads, especially in Greater London, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, where icy conditions are expected. The Met Office predicts that some showers may become quite heavy, with potential cover of 1-3cm, particularly over the north Downs and on grassy surfaces.

The UK Health Security Agency has issued a cold weather alert for the entire country until Friday. This cold snap follows intense rainfall that has led to flooding in certain regions, creating additional challenges for affected areas. Residents are urged to stay updated on weather advisories and take necessary precautions during this period of wintry weather.

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