Storm Isha put Ireland & UK under Weather Warnings.

Storm Isha

Storm Isha Causes Havoc Across UK, Leaving Thousands Without Power.

Over 55,000 Homes Affected, Emergency Services on High Alert.

Isha unleashed its fury across the United Kingdom, leaving more than 55,000 homes without power overnight. Peak gusts of 160 kilometers per hour were reported, triggering over 80 warnings. Emergency services in Northern , the worst-hit region with 45,000 power cuts, are on high alert due to potential debris on roads and infrastructure damage.

Red Alert in Scotland, Flight Disruptions and Road Closures.

Scotland faced a rare red alert for strong winds lasting over an hour, particularly in the north. The prompted the suspension of rail services, flight cancellations, and air traffic control restrictions in the UK and . Major roads in Scotland and northern England remained closed on Monday morning due to fallen trees, overturned lorries, and high winds, causing continued disruption.

As Isha moves away, the Met Office issued a until midday, anticipating continued disruption on Monday morning. The storm adds to a series of autumn and winter storms that have battered parts of Britain, causing tree damage, power outages, and flooding. Isha marks the ninth named storm since September, emphasizing the challenging weather conditions faced by the UK in recent months.

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