tornado warning

Half of UK put under Tornado Warning

A “severe weather forecast” covering nearly half of the UK, including most of England, all of Wales, and the Channel Islands, has been issued by the and Storm Research Organisation as Storm Henk continues its rampage. Central and southern parts of the Republic of are also under threat.

Residents in these areas face the risk of “isolated tornadoes” and gusts reaching up to 70mph, along with the possibility of lightning and hail, according to the organisation. The low-level flow into the front is expected to create a narrow line of intense , potentially fostering the development of misocyclones and bringing strong wind gusts, possibly up to 60-70mph. The added risk of isolated tornadoes amplifies the challenges posed by the ongoing storm.

The Met Office, in conjunction with the and Storm Research Organisation, has already issued a series of weather warnings covering significant portions of the UK. Storm Henk prompted the declaration of six yellow weather warnings across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern . As much as eight inches of is anticipated, particularly in Scotland, leading to and warnings. The southern and western regions of England and Wales are under a wind warning, potentially causing power cuts and travel disruptions.

The recent onslaught of in the UK has also witnessed incidents, notably during Storm Gerrit earlier in the month. Residents in Stalybridge, Tameside, reported parts of their roofs being ripped off by a localised whirlwind. Greater Manchester Police responded to numerous reports of significant damage, including roofs torn off properties, collapsed walls, and fallen trees. While no injuries were reported, around 100 houses suffered damage, leading many residents to evacuate their homes.

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