Huge waves

King tides now california 2023.

For the third consecutive day, 's coastal communities are grappling with giant waves, coastal flooding, and perilous conditions, causing chaos and prompting water rescues. The unusually large surf, towering over 20 feet in some areas, has led to beach closures along the state's coast, washing away cars, and causing injuries to onlookers.

Ventura County, among the hardest-hit regions, has witnessed giant waves breaching seawalls, carrying parked cars into streets and intersections, obstructing the paths of first responders. The flooding has extended to local establishments, causing damage to ground-floor rooms in a hotel. The relentless onslaught is attributed to powerful storms making landfall from the Pacific Ocean, affecting the West coast from southern to Oregon.

While hazards are expected to diminish for Northern Californians on Saturday, central and Southern 's coastal areas will continue to face massive surf, with waves reaching up to 25 feet in impacted regions. In the Bay Area, some waves may peak at a staggering 40 feet, while others are forecasted to reach 28 to 33 feet.

Southern Oregon's coast is not spared, anticipating strong surf and high winds on Saturday morning, with waves ranging from 20 to 25 feet. High surf warnings are in effect, cautioning against potentially life-threatening conditions.

Despite the awe-inspiring spectacle drawing curious onlookers and surf enthusiasts, local officials strongly advise people to stay out of the water and away from beaches. The National Weather Service in Los Angeles emphasizes that beaches, piers, and vulnerable harbors should not be considered safe.

In response to the ongoing threat, Ventura County officials have closed all beaches through New Year's Eve, anticipating 15- to 20-foot waves slamming into the coast. Hermosa, Manhattan, and Palos Verdes beaches are also at risk for significant coastal flooding.

While acknowledging the allure of the impressive waves, first responders emphasize the importance of public safety. Ventura County's fire captain, Brian McGrath, urges people to stay away from the area, emphasizing the potential dangers posed by the high surf.

The severe surf has already led to dramatic rescues, with Ventura first responders saving around 10 individuals on Friday, and beachgoers assisting in the rescue of a struggling lifeguard. The events follow a -related incident on Thursday, where nearly 20 people were swept away, resulting in eight injuries.

As the storms fueling the waves persist, California is bracing for additional and through Saturday. is expected to shift inland and across Southern California, with a wintry mix impacting central and eastern areas. High elevation regions may see over a foot of , while lower elevation mountain areas could experience 6 to 12 inches of snowfall.

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