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The latest United Kingdom seven-day weather forecast

Hello and welcome to the United Kingdom .

The end of was pretty wet and windy in the UK. With plenty of showers. Overnight temperatures in many regions plummeted to below freezing. And London was even struck by a huge hailstorm. As a result, some areas have been covered in large white pellets. So, is spring really put on hold? Or the temperature will reach 20 Celsius very soon?

Here is the seven-day forecast: from Wednesday, the fifth of April, to Tuesday, the eleventh of April.

As usual, we are starting from the northern cities of Scotland. Rainy conditions taking control in Aberdeen. Showers will stop here only by Friday, the seventh of . The daily temperature stays between 9 to 12 Celsius.

A mixture of spring sunshine and will broadly be the picture this week in Edinburgh. Winds are light and variable. It will get cloudier the following week, heavy showers are expected on the tenth and eleventh of .

Glasgow. Scotland's largest city will also be affected by showers in the next few days. Despite some sunny spells, temperatures turning to zero by night. After that, a moderate southern breeze will bring the again.

We are moving to Newcastle. In the next few days better take an umbrella if you're heading outside. Rain will stop by Friday. Daily temperatures between 10 to 13 Celsius, during the whole seven-day period.

Let's take a look at the Northern weather. Precipitation will be changed in Belfast by sunny spells. However, over the weekends it will get cloudier, and showers should come back at the start of the following week.

The seven-day is promising cloudy, to partly clear weather in Hull. With light showers this Saturday.

Bands of rain move across the UK, getting to Liverpool as well. Starting this weekend, and till the eleventh of , daily temperature should stay around 14 Celsius. Cloudy, but small chance to see rain.

People of Manchester will be able to enjoy pleasant sunshine after two rainy days. Daily temperatures are expected to increase to 14 degrees. Finally, it's time to forget about overnight frosts.

Light rain showers will come to Norwich on the sixth and seventh of April. It will get drier on weekends, the temperature will reach 14 Celsius on Sunday. The beginning of the following week is going to be cloudy.

After two rainy days, some April sunshine will be able to lift the temperature in Birmingham. Starting from Friday, the temperature is expected to stay between 12 degrees to 14 degrees, despite the cloudy weather.

Let's move to Oxford. Light rain is in the forecast only for Thursday. After that, a mixture of cloudy weather and some spring sunshine. Daily temperatures will slightly increase from 12 Celsius to 15 Celsius.

Mostly dry and pretty warm weather is expected in London. Highest day: 16 Celsius, lowest day: 12 Celsius. The real spring is almost here.

What about the weather in Wales? Showers in Cardiff at the beginning, but drier throughout this week with some sunshine. The temperature stays in the low double digits.

Partly cloudy weather in Southampton, it will rain on Thursday. However, we are at double digits during the whole week: daily temperature should not drop below 11 degrees.

Brighter skies in Plymouth, compared to recently, but still some cloudier periods in places. The seven-day is promising daily temperatures around 13 Celsius. Light rain is possible only on Wednesday.

In order to avoid any troubles, it is better to stay up to date with the forecasts. Because the weather in the United Kingdom is best described as changeable. More videos are on the way, so please make sure to subscribe to stay updated.

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