Norway temperature

Norway temperature : Extreme cold grips Oslo.


Record-low temperatures are gripping , presenting challenges for residents. The commune of Oslo experienced an unprecedented low of minus 31 point 1 degrees Celsius on the night from Friday to Saturday, 6. To be more specific, in the very center of Oslo temperatures plummeted to minus 23 degrees Celsius, while in the northern commune of Bjornholt near the Holmenkollen ski jump, thermometers reached minus 31 point 1 degrees Celsius.

The previous record, set in 2011, was minus 28 point 8 degrees Celsius. These conditions are causing difficulties for drivers, leading to challenges in navigating icy roads. Roadside assistance services are struggling to cope with the high volume of reports, resulting in delays of up to several hours in some cases. Travelers are advised to be prepared for potential road issues, reminiscent of recent incidents in Sweden where around a thousand cars were stranded in snowdrifts on the E22 route, leaving many drivers and passengers stuck overnight in their vehicles. Fortunately, there's a slight warming trend expected in this week.

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