Magnetic storms in April 2024: Calendar by day (updated)

Forecast of magnetic storms for April 2024.

According to the forecast of NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), 2024 is expected to be relatively calm overall.
Despite the solar eclipse that will occur on April 8, 2024 and may lead to minor disturbances in the earth's magnetosphere, the reasons for which are discussed below.

The eclipse will be annular and will only be visiblein North and Central America. Eclipse time: 05:05 (Kyiv time) duration up to 5 minutes.

What will be the impact of the eclipse on April 8, 2024 on the geomagnetic situation?

Minor Impact: The eclipse will not have a significant impact on geomagnetic activity.
Possible: a slight increase in geomagnetic activity during the eclipse.
Causes:An eclipse can lead to a temporary change in the flow of solar wind, which can cause weak magnetic storms.

The eclipse of 8, 2024 is not a dangerous event. However, it is not recommended to look at the sun during an eclipse without special glasses.

It should be noted: The calendar shows a forecast for 3 days and a month.

1-2: a low level of magnetic activity is expected (Kp=2).
April 3-5: medium disturbance possible (Kp=4).
April 6-8: slight disturbance possible (Kp=2).
9-11 April:geomagnetic activity will be moderate (Kp=3).
April 12-14: low disturbance possible (Kp=2).
April 15-28: geomagnetic activity will be low (Kp=0-1).
April 19-22: disturbance is possible (Kp=3).
April 28-30: geomagnetic activity will be low (Kp=0-1).

Days with increased geomagnetic activity are marked on the calendar.

The level of magnetic activity is measured by the Kp index, which ranges from 0 to 9.

  • Kp=0-1: low geomagnetic activity
  • Kp=2: minor magnetic
  • Kp=3: moderate magnetic
  • Kp=4-5: strong magnetic
  • Kp=6-9: extreme

What to expect, geomagnetic activity in April:

Mostly moderate and medium magnetic storms.
Small impact on the well-being of people, especially those who are weather sensitive.
Possible disruptions to radio communications and electrical networks.

How you can protect yourself from a magnetic storm:

Monitor forecasts.
Avoid overwork.
Drink more water.
Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption.
If necessary, take medications prescribed by your doctor.

Where are the aurora expected in April:

In high latitudes: North America: Alaska, Canada
Europe: Scandinavia, Russia
Asia: Siberia
In some cases, the aurora can be seen in mid-latitudes.

Additional information about magnetic storms in April 2024:

Active Sunspots: The number of active sunspots in April 2024 is expected to be low.
This means that the likelihood of strong magnetic storms is low.
However, the possibility of unforeseen events, such as sudden , which can lead to strong magnetic storms, cannot be ruled out.

Follow forecasts to stay informed about the geomagnetic situation.

Advice for weather addicts:

You can find out in advance about the magnetic storm in our weather bot for telegrams – Pogodnik. It sends notifications as soon as the geomagnetic situation changes.

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