map coronavirus

You can monitor the spread of coronavirus throughout the planet in real time using the infection map for countries and cities, which is available to everyone on the Pogodnik website.

The online service was created by experts at the CSSE Research Center, which operates at Johns Hopkins University of America.

Thanks to the update of the service in real time, the most current data is available to users of the site. Locations of distribution are indicated by red dots on the map. There is also data on the number of confirmed cases of disease, deaths and cases of recovery.

The pathway of the coronavirus infection that the country is moving along is shown in the graph. Also on the graph you can see a decrease in the propagation rate of . It should be noted that on it there are only those states in which more than 100 cases of infection are recorded.

Due to the varying intensities of testing coronavirus in different countries, the data displayed on the map may not be complete.

Coronavirus has spread to all countries. The infected are recorded even in the most remote parts of the land.

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