Since the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of calls to psychologists has increased. Patients are diagnosed with serious mental disorders and reactive conditions called coronapsychosis. Often completely healthy people face similar problems. A significant part of them are men. They are concerned not only with the spread of coronavirus infection, but also with economic difficulties. Many of them lost their jobs, and with it all payment opportunities. Doctors do not rule out an outbreak of suicide among adults.

Often people who are in conditions of self-isolation call psychologists to simply speak out. They prefer to hush up all their fears and worries and not to talk about them with their loved ones. About exciting issues, they tell the specialist.

More and more often, doctors who work in medical institutions associated with the treatment of turn to specialists. This is not surprising, because they are scared and do not know what awaits them tomorrow.

A significant part of people who turn to psychologists are very anxious due to the large amount of information - often unreliable and unverified. The disastrous state of the psyche of people has news that they constantly monitor. Psychoanalysts explain that you need to follow the news, but do it no more than once a day, using proven resources.

Often, people's complaints are associated with fatigue from a family or partner in conditions of self-isolation. The situation is aggravated by children who are at home all the time. Parents are torn between the school, their work and household chores, so for many families the situation has become extremely tense. Children, not understanding the seriousness of the situation, complain about parents who do not let them out of the house.

The mental state of people worsens every day. To a greater extent, this is affected by a disturbing information background than real problems.

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