April 2020

Weather notifications from the Weather Bot in Telegram

Погодник Бот для телеграм

To take an umbrella or not to take? This question arises for all people who do not want to spoil their mood and clothes, including. We plan our day and want to be ready for everything, even for the fact that we can’t change – Weather. Of course, you can monitor forecasts, but this is not very convenient. And, frankly, few will devote so much time to constant monitoring of weather sites. But in fact, you do not need to do this if you have Telegramm.

Add Weather Bot

What is a Weather Bot from Pogodnik?

Weather site Pogodnik.com launched the Telegram Bot https://t.me/pogodnik_pogoda_bot.
It sends out daily weather notifications, warns of sudden changes in weather conditions and has a number of interesting options.

To start working with the bot, you must enter the name of your city. The bot will provide an hourly weather forecast for the next five hours and offer a choice of knowing the weather for tomorrow, a week, ten days or a month.

The function of warnings about sudden changes in weather conditions will help prepare for rainstorms, storms, gusts of wind and other manifestations of nature. Weather bot will send a short message and let you know when to wait for change. Notifications of critical changes – rain, wind, pressure surges, cold snap, etc. – come automatically.

This option is extremely important for those who are sensitive to weather changes. These are people who react to changes in atmospheric pressure, as well as drivers (the bot will help prepare for possible rainfall, snowfall or sudden icing on the road).

In the settings of the bot, you can specify a convenient time for broadcasting the forecast – for example, at 7 am before going to work or closer to the end of the working day, so that you can plan an evening run. You can just as well set up a forecast for tomorrow.

And Pogodnik Bot will always help with life advice on a message like “What can you say?” he will immediately respond with a wise saying.

And remember, “Nature has no bad weather” 😉

Pogodnik team

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