Weekend weather forecast: more rain to come?

Weekend weather forecast

Hello and welcome to the United Kingdom Weekend weather forecast.

In addition to existing flooding issues, another low-pressure system will head in on Saturday, bringing more rain from the west and some strong, gusty winds. According to BBC weather, Sunday will be a bit colder again, as winds turn more northwesterly, delivering showers of rain, sleet, and snow. Now, let’s take a closer look at the weekend weather in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Here is the three-day forecast: from Friday, the thirteenth of January, to Sunday, the fifteenth of January.

Starting from the Scotland weather. Light rain turning into a sleet shower on Sunday in Aberdeen . Overnight frost with temperatures dropping below freezing, hitting minus two Celsius.

Changeable conditions are expected in Edinburgh . Cloudy, rainy weather with light winds will suddenly turn clear on Sunday. With sub-zero temperatures overnight.

Glasgow . Scotland’s largest city will be affected by showers on Saturday. However, the next day there will be many sunny spells.

We are moving to Newcastle . It will continue getting colder during this week and into the weekend. As a result, the return of nighttime frosts.

No rain in Belfast . Sunny weekend, but daily temperatures smoothly dropping from eight degrees to five degrees.

The next city is Hull . Sunny spells will be interrupted here by light rain on Saturday. Overnight frost is coming back. It’s time to dig out the winter hats, gloves, and scarves.

Three consecutive rainy days are expected in Liverpool . Better take an umbrella if you are heading outside. Daily temperatures slightly dropping from nine Celsius to six Celsius.

Similar weather conditions are predicted for Manchester . Light rain showers during the whole three-day period. And a frosty end of the week.

Norwich : strong winds and heavy showers on the fourteenth of January. With temperatures decreasing to eight Celsius the following day.

People of Birmingham will see rain on Saturday as well. When going out, do not forget to take an umbrella.

Partly cloudy weather changing to rainy in Oxford . Light overnight frost hitting minus two degrees on Sunday night. Be careful of icy stretches when traveling.

Temperature stays into the low double digits in London , though it is winter outside. It will decrease to eight Celsius only by Sunday.

What about the Wales weather? It’s going to be a rainy weekend in Cardiff . Daily temperatures will drop from eleven degrees to six degrees, without overnight frosts.

Showers will get to the south as well. Southampton will definitely face light rain showers. Temperature should change to the mid-single figures on Sunday.

Plymouth , another southern city. Despite a low chance of precipitation on Friday, the weekend is expected to be rainy.

In order to avoid any troubles, it is better to stay up to date with the forecasts. More videos are on the way, including the weather for the week ahead. Please make sure to subscribe and we will keep you updated.

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