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UK for tomorrow, 21: will the cause dangerous flooding?

Hello and welcome to the UK weather channel . Will the spread across the UK, causing dangerous flooding and travel disruption?

According to the current weather warnings , new alerts have been issued. Flooding is possible on the Tidal Thames riverside, the East coast of Dorset, River Churn, River Coln, and others. Please always monitor local water levels and weather warnings .

Now, let's check the latest weather update for tomorrow, 21.

Morning weather forecast.

A sunny start to the day awaits Scotland, Northern Ireland, and North East England. However, the temperature in Aberdeen and Edinburgh will barely reach the low double digits. A bit warmer weather in Glasgow, Belfast, and Newcastle: around 12 Celsius at mid-day.

It is going to be a quite cloudy morning in North West England, and West Midlands, with further outbreaks of in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Liverpool, and Manchester. Overcast skies and a moderate breeze, from the east and northeast.

Early in the morning, light spring rains will affect London and eastern cities: Norwich, Cambridge, and Ipswich. The highest temperature is expected in Cambridge: around 11 or 12 Celsius.

Rain will spread across Wales, and southern parts of the UK. A cold, northeasterly will be pushing showers in Cardiff and Bristol.

Afternoon and evening weather forecast.

Precipitation is not expected in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and North East England during the second half of the day. Sunny spring weather should stay here, until sunset. In that April sunshine temperature will increase to 14 or 15 Celsius.

Cloudy weather will continue through the afternoon and evening hours in North West England. Rain will stop in Liverpool and Manchester. However, better take an umbrella if you are heading outside. April temperatures ranging from highs of 10 Celsius to 12 Celsius.

We will see some bands of rain on Friday afternoon, particularly across eastern and southern parts of the UK. It will get drier late in the evening.

And what about the London weather ? It will rain from early morning till evening. Daily temperatures around 12 Celsius, dropping to 8 Celsius overnight.

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