Storm Pierrick

Storm Pierrick is poised to unleash chaos across the UK with winds of up to 65mph, meteorologists warn.

Following in the wake of Kathleen's fierce gusts, Pierrick, the next named designated by Meteo , is forecasted to strike the shores by tomorrow, 10th.

The Met Office reports: "As a low-pressure system, driving gales in some coastal areas, moves eastward into the North Sea this afternoon, a brief period of calmer weather is expected as high pressure briefly settles in, causing winds to abate.

"However, come Wednesday, a frontal system will sweep in, ushering in strong southwesterly winds and widespread rainfall across the entirety of the United Kingdom."

This incoming weather system will merge with the remnants of Storm Kathleen, which made landfall in England over the weekend, unleashing relentless torrents of and ferocious winds.

Regions impacted by Storm Pierrick today are likely to experience severe winds along the UK's western coastline, with gusts ranging from 40 to 50mph expected widely, and particularly exposed areas of Southwest and West Wales bracing for even fiercer blasts of 60 to 65mph overnight.

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