Western Cape

Western Cape experienced severe storms.

On Monday, 8th, officials reported heavy winds, storms, and torrential battering 's coastal province of Western Cape, home to Cape Town.

The forced the closure of schools and highways, particularly in the Cape Winelands, Overberg, and West Coast regions, where significant damage to homes, roads, and public infrastructure occurred. Authorities remained on high alert for further severe weather.

Tragically, one fatality was reported—a security officer patrolling on a bike who was struck by a tree uprooted in the heavy winds.

Gusting winds, reaching speeds of up to 120 km/h (75 mph), upended trees, inflicted damage on buildings, and left thousands of homes without power. Additionally, the surge triggered substantial flooding, posing a threat to coastal communities and infrastructure.

In a dramatic turn of events, powerful winds from the sent both a truck trailer and a camper van plunging off a bridge near Cape Town in separate incidents captured on video.

By Monday afternoon, parts of Cape Town were plunged into darkness due to widespread power outages, prompting the deployment of emergency services.

The South African Weather Service issued high warnings for the Western Cape, highlighting extreme conditions and potential flooding in other regions such as the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal and the populous province of Gauteng, home to Johannesburg.

In conclusion, these recent weather disasters underscore the urgent need to address the escalating climate crisis, as extreme events become more frequent and devastating, threatening lives and livelihoods across the globe.