Storm Kathleen
Storm Kathleen has brought disruption to the UK and Ireland.

Gusts of about 70mph have hit the island of and parts of Britain - with the conditions leaving planes struggling to land at Heathrow Airport.

Around 12,000 customers remained without electricity in on Saturday evening after Kathleen swept across the island, with many remaining without access to electricity overnight.

The high winds also caused travel disruption, about 70 flights departing and arriving at UK airports before midday on Saturday were cancelled

Despite stormy weather, Saturday has provisionally become the hottest day of the year so far with 20.9C recorded, the Met Office said.

When will the stormy weather subside?
Kathleen will ease on Sunday evening, but another weather system towards the South West will replace it.

Outbreaks of through Monday will mainly affect western parts of the UK. As we go through the day into Tuesday we're likely to see the strongest across the south-west of the UK.

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