Space Weather Forecast: Four-Day Outlook

Space Weather Forecast: Four-Day Outlook

Solar Activity: The upcoming space weather conditions indicate a likelihood of Low to Moderate solar activity. The primary source of activity is expected to originate from a complex region located on the southwest limb of the Sun. Additionally, there are two moderately large regions situated in the northeast and northwest contributing to the risk of potential Moderate class .

Solar / : Over the next four days, the Earth may experience the influence of several Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). On Day 1 ( 4th), a couple of side-glancing CMEs could impact our planet, possibly extending into Day 2 ( 5th). A more direct CME hit is anticipated during late Day 2 or early Day 3 ( 6th). Initially, solar speeds are expected to remain at Low levels. However, there is a possibility of a slight increase to around 400-500 km/s due to transient faster winds and potential CME effects. Detailed predictions have a low level of confidence.

is forecasted as follows: The beginning of Day 1 (August 3rd) is anticipated to be characterized by Quiet geomagnetic conditions. As we progress into the day, the is projected to shift towards Unsettled to Active levels. There is a chance of Minor Geomagnetic intervals from late Day 1 through Day 3, gradually subsiding and likely returning to Quiet to Unsettled levels by Day 4 (August 7th).

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