sunny start to the weekend

UK weather forecast for tomorrow, May 13: warm and sunny start to the weekend!

Welcome to the UK weather channel. Rains and showers are finally drifting away. As a result, the temperature should significantly increase tomorrow. So, let's check the latest weather update for Saturday, May 13.

Morning weather forecast.

Cloudy, changing to sunny intervals across Scotland, Northern , and West Midlands. It is going to be a pretty chilly morning in Aberdeen and Newcastle, with temperatures around 10 Celsius. At the same time, it will be reasonably warmer in Glasgow: 15 Celsius before noon.

Cloudy above North East England and East of England, however, precipitation is not expected. The weekend will start dry and sunny in Wales, North West England, and some southern areas.

Afternoon and evening weather forecast.

Such fine May weather will continue, as we are going through the afternoon. Because of a decent amount of spring sunshine, it's going to feel much warmer in Glasgow. Temperatures getting to highs of around 19 or 20 Celsius.

Sun will show up above Northern and the East of England, but a lot of clouds remain. Staying fine and often sunny, across the West Midlands.

There will be some decent sunshine in Wales, North West England, and South West England, during the second half of the day. The temperature is more widely in the mid to high teens, it's quite an improvement. 19 degrees is possible across Belfast, Manchester, and Bristol.

And what about the London weather?

It is going to be warm and sunny on Saturday. The temperature will increase to 18 Celsius in the afternoon.

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