Weekend weather forecast
Weekend . A dry and settled beginning of the summer.

Welcome to the United Kingdom Weekend . At the end of spring, the high pressure was spreading across all parts of the UK. As a result, dry and bright conditions, with a lot of sunny spells for most places. Will such pleasant conditions continue in the nearest future? Or the first summer days are preparing and showers for us? Let's take a look at the upcoming weekend weather, in different parts of the United Kingdom. Here is the three-day forecast: from Friday, the second of , to Sunday, the fourth of .

Starting from the Scotland weather. Staying pretty cold in Aberdeen. The highest daily temperature ranges here from 12 to 14 Celsius. Looks like the summer heat is running late.

Some clouds above Edinburgh at the end of the working week, much brighter on Sunday. Because of a decent amount of sunshine, temperatures will increase from 16 to 18 degrees. Feeling chillier at night: around 7 degrees.

Glasgow. Scotland's largest city won't be affected by in the next three days. Daily temperatures will go up, reaching 20 Celsius. Much warmer, compared to other places in Scotland.

We are moving to Newcastle. Friday night is going to be extremely chilly here, with just 3 Celsius. By mid-day, the temperature will rise to 15 degrees. Not the highest figures, if we are speaking about summer weather.

Now, let's check the Northern Ireland weather. No in Belfast, a warm and sunny weekend is expected. With a temperature of around 20 Celsius. Eastern winds will strengthen a bit, but won't be bothering you.

The new weather front will bring clouds to Hull, with further outbreaks of rain over the weekend. Better take an umbrella if you are heading outside on Sunday. 15 degrees is expected in the daytime, while 7 degrees overnight.

We are moving to North West England. The three-day is promising warm and bright weather in Liverpool. Without precipitation. Temperatures will increase to 20 or even 22 Celsius. Winds will be light and variable.

Similar weather conditions are predicted for Manchester. Dry summer days with a lot of pleasant sunshine. 20 degrees is possible on weekends. It's a good time to plan your out-of-town weekend.

The temperature in Norwich is more widely in the mid to high teens: between 14 to 17 Celsius. Precipitation is not expected at the moment: the weather should stay dry and settled.

Cloudy, changing to sunny intervals across Birmingham. No need to worry about the rain over the weekend. The daily temperature stays around 18 or 19 Celsius, during the whole three-day period.

A warm and sunny weekend in Oxford. Because of a decent amount of summer sunshine, 20 degrees is more than possible on Saturday and Sunday. Northeastern winds will get stronger.

A similar situation is expected in London: dry and bright weather without precipitation. In that sunshine daily temperatures will reach 21 Celsius. Summer has officially arrived.

What about the Wales weather? It's going to be a pleasant sunny weekend in Cardiff. Daily temperatures will rise from 19 degrees to 21 degrees. Be prepared for strong gusts of northeastern winds.

Further south it looks even much drier and brighter. 22 degrees is possible in Southampton this Sunday. Between 7 to 9 degrees overnight.

Clear and sunny in Plymouth, during the whole three-day period. Temperatures will increase to 21 or 22 Celsius on weekends. Eastern winds will strengthen to 6 meters per second.

Thanks for watching our 3-day trend. In order to avoid any troubles, it is better to stay up to date with the forecasts. More videos are on the way, including the weather for the . Please subscribe to our weather channel and we will keep you updated on the UK Weather forecast.

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