What will the weather be like in the coming month? The forecast helps people adjust their plans, pick the right clothes and shoes. If earlier it was possible to count on only a week of the forecast in advance, and even with considerable delay the mass media was published, today the situation is completely different: all users can easily find the for the month on the website Pogodnik.com using the ECMWF model, which is the most accurate.

With the help of the forecast, you can easily choose a picnic or vacation date and be sure that the weather will not bring completely unpleasant surprises.

Monthly forecasts are completely free and available anywhere in the world. The site displays the forecast for the month and for other user-selected terms in cities and towns around the world.

Each person is faced with the fact that the thermometer can show a nice temperature, and the feeling of environment will be spoiled by high humidity or strong . That is why the site takes into account and shows the user these parameters. Thanks to them, you can choose how to choose a wardrobe so that it is neither hot nor cold. For this reason, the very first parameter in the list of weather phenomena is how a person feels at a given temperature.

Of course, this is a very relative figure, but it is informative. For example, the weather in the city of Kiev will be 18 degrees, because of low humidity, clear and very warm sun and minimal south , it will feel that way. But in the middle of the day, the air warms up to plus 25, and the site suggests that at this time it will be possible to walk in T-shirts, because the sensation of the environment will be plus 27 degrees Celsius.

If you do not need the weather for a month in Kiev, you can choose a smaller interval. And, of course, get a more accurate result. For example, you can see the forecast for today, tomorrow, for the week and for 10 days ahead.

The approximate forecasts, one to two days maximum, in 1 hour increments - the most accurate. Besides the fact that the site is available in 3 languages, Russian, Ukrainian and English, the resource suggests installing widgets for your site to show them the weather for a month or a day of your choice. Such a resource will be useful for visitors to your portal and will make it more informative, especially if you are broadcasting city news.

Satellite and terrestrial stations that transmit cyclone and anticyclone information in a specific direction and with a calculated velocity allow for accurate and accurate weather forecasting, allowing very accurate forecasting of weather changes in different regions as air masses move.

And yet, we have a Telegram Weather Bot in English- https://t.me/pogodnik_pogoda_bot

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