Typhoon Koinu

Typhoon Koinu brings floods to Hong Kong

Koinu brought chaos to Hong Kong as torrential rains lashed the city, forcing authorities to issue a rare “black” rainstorm warning for the second time in a month. Most areas received over 150 millimeters of rainfall, with some parts of the urban island exceeding 300 millimeters.

As the battered Hong Kong, it brought strong gusts of and a deluge that disrupted daily life, resulting in school closures and the shutdown of the city's stock exchange. Fortunately, there were no reports of major damage.

Hong Kong's international airport was severely affected, with stranded travelers as flights were disrupted.

Koinu continued its path, moving west-southwest and crossing the western coast of China's Guangdong province. It was eventually downgraded, but not before leaving its mark on both Hong Kong and Guangdong.

In response to the approaching , cities in Guangdong, such as Zhuhai and Jiangmen, issued Level III emergency warnings. This led to the return of more than 35,500 fishing boats to port and the temporary closure of coastal scenic areas and schools in the region.

After passing through Guangdong, Koinu was expected to weaken further as it moved towards the eastern part of Hainan island.

The relentless rains and powerful winds served as a reminder of the destructive force of typhoons in this region, disrupting lives and bringing cities to a standstill.

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